Mil Mascaras to the WWE Hall of Fame

On (and by Dr. Clayton in our shoutbox) it was reported that Mil Mascaras will be inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame.  We are still working on our revisions, and will actually include Mascaras in it temporarily.  We plan to have the new list up soon (we apoligize that is taking so long) but our intention is to make it as fluid as possible.    In the meantime congratulations to the first star who competed primarilly in Mexico to get into the WWE Hall of Fame.

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0 #1 Knuckles -0001-11-30 00:00
Mascaras gets his share of heat for no-selling (Mick Foley talks about him in his first book), but he was a huge, huge star in his day. Maybe the best known, most beloved internationa l star in this country for a long time. He was one of two wrestlers featured on the cover of the first Pro Wrestling Illustrated, after all. He would pop up from time to time on WWF TV in the mid-80's , and his matches were treated as if they were special. Regardless of who his nephew is and how the WWE is trying to reach the Latin America market (who could blame them?) Mascaras is a good choice.

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