Gary Sheffield Retires

Gary Sheffield has officially retired and has made his case for the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Twenty years ago, a baseball star with over 500 Home Runs would be an automatic lock for the Hall of Fame.  That is not the case anymore now is it?

Sheffield's career stats are solid, there is no doubt of this.  He hit 509 Homers, was a nine time All Star and a five time Silver Slugger.  Subsequently, his 2,689 Hits and 1,676 Runs Batted In are also impressive tallies.  Still there are three things that worl against him.


Journeyman Perception.

Sheffield may have been great virtually everywhere he went...but he went a lot of places.  He was a Brewer, a Padre, a Marlin, a Dodger, a Brave, a Yankee, a Tiger and a Met.  Should he get in, it makes most sense to put a Marlins cap on him, but he really is not identified with any team.


Sheffield was named in the Mitchell Report as one of the players who had purchased steroids, an allegation he has denied.  We all know what the writers have done with supposed PED users.


Although we love Gary Sheffield's candid nature, he has not always been the darling of the media, and wherever he goes, trouble seemed to follow.  Take away the PED allegation, and it is very possible that media members may reject him anyway.

So, is Gary Sheffield a Hall of Fame contender?  What do you think?

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0 #3 Ziggy Koole -0001-11-30 00:00
I think its kinda sad that players such as Bonds, Sosa, Clemens, McGwire, Bagwell, Palmeiro, and Sheffield won't get in the hall of fame, even though statistic-wi se they totally deserve it cuz the hall of fame voters are snobs.
0 #2 Committee Chairman -0001-11-30 00:00

We will be doing a little blurb about Mr. Edmonds shortly, but I believe you are right. A few votes maybe, but a one and done.
0 #1 tylerlopez -0001-11-30 00:00
It's hard to imagine Sheffield getting in. 500 home runs ceased to be magic number years ago, and PED suspicion is usually a deal breaker with power hitters, especially if they're perceived as borderline type guys.

Something to note though, Jim Edmonds announced his retirement recently too. I wouldn't expect a notice to be made about it particularly , since he's probably not a realistic candidate for the Hall, but being considered one of the top defensive players at one's position for more than a decade should get at least a little love.

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