The New Batch of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees.

Well gang, the votes are in and like every year, surprises have occurred.

First let’s take a look at who got inducted this year.


Alice Cooper

We at are thrilled with this induction and will be happy to have Alice Cooper leave our list.  This was his first nomination, after being eligible for over fifteen years, and in many ways this feels like the committee is “righting a wrong”.  However, a look at the other nominees may also point at Cooper being the true “Rock” representative of the list; a possibility that becomes increasing ironic considering the name of the institution.  Regardless, when we redo our list in February, removing this name and placing him in the Current Rock and Roll Inductees will be an absolute joy.


Darlene Love

Inducted on her fourth try, this may be the one induction that will receive the most second guessing.  Nobody can question her vocal prowess, but with her muddled history and her biggest hit being of the Christmas variety, she is largely anonymous to most people at this stage.  We congratulate her, but are of the opinion that there are other artists of her generation more deserving.


Dr. John

Like Alice Cooper, Dr. John waited a long time for his first nomination and when finally nominated, got in on his first try.  It could easily be argued that “the Night Tripper” was aided by a large sentiment towards New Orleans, but his body of work is solid and with a unique sound, a certifiable hit, and critical acclaim he brings a better resume than half of the inducted artists.  He is not out of place here.


Neil Diamond

Alice Cooper may have waited a long time to be inducted, but Neil Diamond waited a lot longer.  Diamond may be thought of my some as a cheesy Adult Contemporary artist, but many within the industry consider him one of the best songwriters ever and he is easily among the most covered.  He has a large legion of fans who will be thrilled with this induction, and his detractors really should take a look at his early material and give it another listen.  He does belong in the Hall in our opinion.



Tom Waits

Uniqueness is what sets Rock Stars apart from each other, bit Tom Waits was in his own category.  His raspy voice may have been only matched by his prolific songwriting ability and though he does not have a catalogue of hits, he certainly had a long laundry list of beloved albums and legions of loyal fans.  If Leonard Cohen can get in, than Tom Waits makes perfect sense.


Those who didn’t make the cut……


The Beastie Boys

This was their second nomination and a lot of people (us included) thought it would be their year.  The inductees this year lacked a modern urban act, and despite their Caucasian exterior, the Beasties fit that bill.  With their impact and innovation, there should be no doubt that they will be nominated again.


Bon Jovi

Hands down, the most successful of the nominees, Bon Jovi would have been a marquee attraction.  They are still recording and selling out stadiums and you can count on them getting in the Hall eventually.  This may seem like a snub now, but they will get in one day.


Chic and Donna Summer

We are lumping them together as there is much in common here.  They have both been nominated many times, they are both considered icons of the Disco era, and they both will see themselves here again.  Our belief is that they cancelled each other out and as such gave them little chance to get in this year.  With that said, we would not be surprised that if one of them does get in, the other will be permanently left out.



As much as we respect Donovan, this just felt like a token nomination and we really didn’t think he would get in.  Our guess is that will be the only time he would be placed on the ballot.  Hopefully, we are not wrong.


J. Geils Band

With all due respect to Peter Wolf and company, this is not a band that should be on their third nomination.  With that said, had they not disbanded at the height of their popularity, would they be in the Hall now?  It certainly seems like there is a strong contingent looking to put them in.


LL Cool J

Much like the Beastie Boys, we thought LL Cool J had a really good shot.  LL has been nominated two years in a row in his first two years of eligibility and this has to indicate an excellent shot for induction.  Should he be the lone Rap artist nominated in a future year, consider him a lock.


Laura Nyro

She is talented and respected, but she doesn’t have the cache name that may put her over the edge.  She is however coming off of two consecutive nominations, but her legacy isn’t exactly growing and that has to change for her to get over the hump.


Joe Tex

Now 0 for 4 in terms of nominations, Joe Tex just seems to be someone who will always be on the bubble.  Many consider his music on the goofy side, and with the amount of acclaimed songwriters they inducted this year, Tex was not someone who could have fit in with that group.


Chuck Willis

Even worse than Joe Tex’s 0 for 4, is Chuck Willis’ 0 for 6.   Five of those failed induction attempts took place consecutively between 1986 and 1990 and it was a great surprise to see Willis back on this year’s ballot.  Despite the beautiful music he created, there wasn’t a lot of it, and he just isn’t well known.  His spot, likely went to Darlene Love.


What are your thoughts on this group?  Did they get it right, or did they just nominate the wrong people in the first place?  You know our thoughts, now tell us yours!

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0 #7 Spheniscus -0001-11-30 00:00
rockstar, it may not be just Wenner and company who vote on who will be inducted, but they are the only ones who vote on who will be nominated. Which is why Waits, Diamond, Dr. John, and Alice Cooper all had to wait over 10 years (Diamond waited 22 to get nominated for the first time) and then got in on the first ballot.
0 #6 rockstar23 -0001-11-30 00:00
I for one think Rap and Disco belong in the hall. They are much closer to rock and roll's stylistic origins. Rock and Roll isn't just guitar, drum and bass you know.
0 #5 rockstar23 -0001-11-30 00:00
Beyond thrilled with inductions for Cooper and Waits. Diamond was a good pick too. Indifferent about Dr. John (but you can't deny his solid body of work) but disappointed with Ms. Love.

just a caveat to Jimmy, it's not just Wenner and co. who vote on who will be inducted. It's past inductees as well which number in the hundreds.
0 #4 Committee Chairman -0001-11-30 00:00
With all the sabremetric talk....wait for a .250 hitter to get in the long he has a huge OBP. As for the Elite People who decide the hall.... Well, I would love to hear a seminar from Mr. Wenner explaining his definition of Rock and Roll!!!!.... . It sure would explain an awful lot!
0 #3 jimmy26 -0001-11-30 00:00
Let's just make it the Pop music hall of fame! It really has become that. But to be honest even if this were the case then Dr. John and Darlene Love and Tom Waits have no business near that hall. Their resumes just are not good enough. It is like putting .250 hitters in the baseball hall! This is the hall of fame folks not the have an okay career that has a small but nice following and are big in certain circles hall. If you have noticed all of the recent borderline nominees and honorees such as Cohen and Waits and Love are real big with small but influential hollywood groups and thus have jumped ahead of much more deserving artists. I guarantee if Waits had never been in a movie he would never even have been nominated. And remember ROCK is the music for the people. Not the elite. That's why we have arenas (hint hint) and not symphony halls to go and see our greatest artists. That way more people can see them and shout out the words and be as happy and loud as ROCK Music makes us want to be. And I know this for sure: Darlene Love and Tom Waits and Dr. John have not played in a hundredth of the Arenas combined as a Bon Jovi or Rush or Def Leppard or Heart or Journey or KISS. By no means am I saying that the hall should be a popularity contest! But it should be a part of the criteria. The ironic thing is the voters are so either stupid or biased that when they do put in a popular artist such as Mr. Diamond (who I agree at least is way better than the other 3) they usually are not true Rock artists. And they keep skipping over these much more deserving artists with rationalizat ions such as they sold out or they weren't hard enough or is progressive a valid genre? Or whatever they are using to keep out real Rock artists. I was mentioning the recent rock inductees to a group of twenty something kids last night and they were all excited to hear Alice Cooper finally got in and were okay with Neil Diamond. But when I mentioned the other 3 artists they looked at me like I was speaking in tongues. They had no idea who they were. And when I mentioned the artists such as Kiss and Journey not in then the fun started. They were ready to call their congressmen. The point here is simple. The idea of the Rock and roll hall of fame is a great idea. The problem as with any hall is that an elite group of people decide who gets in based on a criteria that is ambiguous and thus leads to bias. Simple Solution: If this is the Rock and Roll hall of fame then just define what Rock is. Because if we keep going with this I know it when I see it type of thing that is happening then really doesn't a 25 year old kid living in Des Moines idea of what rock is have just as much validity as a 70 year old magazine editor living in LA.
0 #2 Committee Chairman -0001-11-30 00:00
Another great post by jimmy!!!! Total agreement on your Darlene Love comments (hence are low ranking for her), though I think we always found something special about Neil Diamond. How is this for a scenario though...... lets say that the Hall didn;t select Cooper and went with someone else instead along with the other four. How "Rock&q uot; would that group have been then?
0 #1 jimmy26 -0001-11-30 00:00
I am thrilled like I hope everyone else is to see Mr. Cooper finally get his just rewards. He is a true ROCK icon who has inspired millions to not only pick up guitars but to be as unique an individual as you want to be and not worry about the crowd. Great selection. As far as the rest of the inductees the question is really becoming what is ROCK? I have no problem with Neil Diamond being a great artist and someone who if you look at the history of pop music would be right up there with the ABBA's of the world. Problem is this is the rock and roll hall of fame. And Neil is not Rock. Try as you might to make I'm a Believer into a rock song it is pure pop. Of course he is a lot more rock than Miles Davis ever thought of being but that is not another rant. If we keep going down this road I truly believe that Ms. Streisand should get nominated and as well know that is silly to even imagine. But that is where our wonderful selection committee has put us with their ridiculous process and honorees. Really though as sad as it is that Neil Diamond is getting in over such much more deserving artists that are truly rock legends such as Rush, Kiss, Heart and the Cure just to name a few, he is much more desrving than the other three combined. Darlene Love, Tom Waits and Dr. John are about as deserving as Peter Paul and Mary if they had solo careers. See what happens when you start playing the slippery slope game of electing a Leonard Cohen. Then you have to put in a similar artist such as Waits. And this whole support New Orleans thing has gotten ridiculous. I thought New Orleans was the Jazz capital of the world. And yes I love that Christmas song by Darlene Love as much as anyone but let's get serious they were really just a bunch of studio singers that Phil Specter put together and made groups out of to sing his songs and sell his sound. The sad thing is there were 3 hugely deserving artists sitting right there for the hall to pick. Bon Jovi, Donna Summer and the Beastie Boys are 3 hugely deserving artists who now have to sit and wait another year because the selection committee is once again too stupid to see the forest through the trees. Please Mr. Wanner and your Motley Crew pull your head out and start electing real deserving Rock artists to the ROCK AND ROLL Hall of fame. The whole thing is becoming ridiculous and laughable. Sometimes a good idea gets off track and we must reassess our goals. It might be time to blow the whole thing up and start the process over with some real definivitve qualificatio ns and a set criteria so that the real artists that deserve to be there are there.

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