Football HOF Semi-Finalists

Congratulations to those who have been named semi-finalists to the Football Hall of Fame.

Here is a quick look at these candidates:","Congratulations to those who have been named semi-finalists to the Football Hall of Fame.

Here is a quick look at these candidates:

1. Marshall Faulk

Our Number #1 Selection and entering his first year of eligibility, we have every reason to think that Marshall Faulk will enter the Hall of Fame in his initial try.


2. Deion Sanders

Say what you want about his tackling skills, but “Neon Deion” made it cool to play Corner and was arguably the finest athlete on the gridiron.  Ask any opposing Quarterback how much they wanted to throw in his direction.


#4 Shannon Sharpe

One of the best Tight Ends in league history, Sharpe has been a four time finalist but faces another loaded group to get through.  Imagine the entertainment of most Sanders and Sharpe delivering speeches in Canton?


#5 Willie Roaf

Another entering his first year of eligibility, the mountainous Roaf was a star Left Tackle who made two consecutive All Decade teams.  This type of accolade may make it impossible for him not to get in.


#6 Curtis Martin

The long time work horse of the Patriots and Jets is another becoming a semi finalist in his first year of eligibility.  It will be curious to see if he cancels out Jerome Bettis, as no disrespect to either of them but Faulk will be the choice if only Running Back gets in.  Could Martin make it two?


#8 Cortez Kennedy

A finalist of the past two years, Cortez Kennedy is our highest ranked candidate on the defensive side of the ball.  As this is a very offensive loaded group, Kennedy’s chances could be better than in years previous.


#9 Cris Carter

Another multiple past finalist, Cris Carter has another chance to become the Wide Receiver chosen of the group.  As his status as an expert analyst grows; he may continue to gain more exposure and more fans.


#10 Richard Dent

A six time finalist and member of the Super Bowl Shuffle winning Chicago Bears, he has a lot of support amongst the Bears faithful who would induct the whole 1985 team if they could.


#14 Jerome Bettis

See Curtis Martin and insert Steelers for Patriots and Jets.


#15 Tim Brown

A finalist last year, the speedy former Raider may be well behind many other offensive juggernauts.  Brown may get in one year, but it may not be this one.


#17 Roger Craig

The first player to get 1,000 yards on the ground and 1,000 receiving in a single season, the momentum for Roger Craig seems to be gaining steam.  It is going to have to overcome some of the other Running Backs who are now eligible.


#19 Chris Doleman

A sack machine that was a star Defensive End for Minnesota, Chris Doleman was a member of the 1990’s All Decade team and was previously a three time semi finalist.  As this is an offensively loaded group, he could be the beneficiary of a desire to balance the ballot on both sides of the ball.


#21 Andre Reed

The third of the offensive stars of the Buffalo Bills four Super Bowl runner up teams, Reed remains the only of the group not in.  He could very well be overshadowed again.


#22 Dermontti Dawson

Many will say that you can’t have enough Pittsburgh Steelers in the Hall of Fame, and they have another shot with Dawson.  Odds are though that the O-Line spot will go to Roaf this year though.


#25 Aeneas Williams

A previous Semi-Finalist, Aeneas Williams never did get the National attention he should have.  An induction to the Hall of Fame would cure that.


#31 Charles Haley

Five Super Bowl Rings.  That is all that many people will say that makes Haley a Hall of Famer.  Do you agree?


#36 Ray Guy

If a Punter will ever get into the Hall of Fame it will be Ray Guy.  The question is just how many more chances does he have left?


#40 Terrell Davis

We asked if his four seasons could make him a Hall of Fame entrant.  If anyone could do it based on just four full length campaigns, Terrell Davis may have the resume to do it.


#50 Kevin Greene

Despite his many accolades, Kevin Greene has yet to get past the Semi Final plateau.  As offensive stats continue to grow, it is possible that the Defensive ones (which aren’t growing by leaps and bounds) could be recognized in greater detail in the future.  This can only help Greene.


#51 Lester Hayes

Hayes was a four time Finalist, bit has been regulated to only Semi Finalist in recent years.  Maybe just his “Stickum” will get in.


As you see, we don’t rank non-players in our football section (it just isn’t as much fun) so with a brief synopsis of the other candidates:


Don Coryell

Coryell was a huge advocate of the passing game, and as a coach he geared his offenses towards innovative schemes.  He is way more important to football than his won-loss record would indicate.


Eddie DeBartolo Jr.

A former owner of the San Francisco 49ers, DeBartolo Jr. was a former Semi Finalist in 2008.  Frankly, it is difficult to see him get in with this group.


Art Modell

Please don’t do this to Cleveland this year.


George Young

A former executive for the New York Giants, Young built the Giants into long term contenders.  With the importance placed on the draft and considering how rarely he missed, an HOF case could be made for George Young.


Paul Tagliabue

It can not be argued that Tagliabue left the National Football League in better shape than it was when he got there.  His eventual induction can not be questioned.


Ed Sabol

We totally didn’t think of him, and shame of us for that.  As the founder of the brilliant NFL Films, he dramatized sport better than any Hollywood movie ever could.  He does belong in Canton one day.


So which of these will make it to the next stage?   It won’t be long for us to find out!

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