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The Top 500 in the Rock and Roll Section is now up!!!!   Stay tuned as additional lists will arrive discussing those who are not yet in their respective Hall of Fame!

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0 #4 Committee Chairman -0001-11-30 00:00

Nirvana is not eligible for the Hall. At present, the one basic rule is that an artist is eligible twenty five years after their first recording. At present this makes them eligible for the 2013 class. Chances are, that year they will vault to #1 on our list. It is hard to see how they won't.
0 #3 Brian Keats -0001-11-30 00:00
I can see one glaring omission from this list, unless I have missed it somewhere but that omission would be NIRVANA. In the category of grunge they can be credited with popularizing the Alternative movement stemming from what is now referred to as the Seattle scene. Although there are many from that era who were responsible for the 'Grunge& #39; movement, Soundgarten, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam and (my other favourite) the Stone Temple Pilots, NIRVANA was by far the most popular and most representati ve of the term 'Alterna tive Music' during this era.
Just my 2 cents worth !!!:-)
0 #2 Site Admin -0001-11-30 00:00
We've ranked The Miracles at #59: [censored]://

Feel free to vote and add your comments. :D
0 #1 Topkat -0001-11-30 00:00
I hope the The MIRACLES are under serious consideratio n for ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME Induction. They deserve it more than HALF of the artists that are in d it's a TRAVESTY that they have been ignored all of these years !!


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