Tim Horton
At the risk of breaking the illusion to many young donut fans, there really WAS a Tim Horton, and he was one hell of a Hockey player. Horton entered the NHL in the mid 50’s and immediately made an impact being named to the Second Team All Star squad in his second full season. A devastating collision with the New York Rangers’ Bill Gadsby slowed his career a bit, but when he returned to form, he was still a dominant force on the blue line.

Actually, dominant may not be the most accurate word. Horton was described by his peers as the strongest player in the league and though he was viewed by some as an enforcer, he never really had a need to try to physically intimidate with his fists as his strength and talent did it for him.

Overall, Tim Horton would be named to six post season All Star Teams and helped the Leafs win four Stanley Cups…..and yes his chain of restaurants makes good coffee!


The Bullet Points:
Country of Origin:
Cochrane, Ontario, Canada

Elected In:


Played for:
Toronto Maple Leafs
New York Rangers
Pittsburgh Penguins
Buffalo Sabres

Major Accolades and Awards:
First Team All Star (3) (1964, 1968 & 1969)
Second Team All Star (3) (1954, 1963 & 1967)
All Star Games (7) (1954, 1955, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1968 & 1969)
Stanley Cup Rings (4) (Toronto Maple Leafs 1962, 1963, 1964 & 1967)

Should Tim Horton be in the Hall of Fame?

I totally agree with this induction. - 66.7%
I am fine with this induction. - 0%
I do not agree with this induction, but it does not bother me. - 0%
No opinion. - 33.3%
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