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5. Bart Starr
Bart Starr may not be on the top of this list (though he almost was) but when you think of the Green Bay Packers and their great history, this is automatically the first name that comes to mind.
How can it not be?  Starr is the only Quarterback in the history of the game to win five championships and was at his best when the pressure is what at its tightest. His 9-1 Playoff Record and 104.8 Quarterback Rating tells you that. While Favre would obliterate his statistics, Starr put up great numbers for Quarterbacks of his era retiring with the highest completion record in the NFL.

Oh, and is not “Bart Starr” the greatest name for a Quarterback ever?

Throw that name on any QB today and they would probably see their QB Rating rise by five percent just through osmosis.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame inducted Starr in 1977, and the Packers followed suit by enshrining Starr in their Hall.  Green Bay also retired his number 15 in 1873.

The Bullet Points

  • Position: Quarterback
  • Acquired: Drafted in the 17th Round, 200th Overall 1/17/56.
  • Departed: Retired after the 1971 Season.
  • Games Played: 196
  • Notable Statistics: 157 Games Started
    1,808 Pass Completions
    3,149 Pass Attempts
    57.4% Pass Completion Percentage
    24,718 Passing Yards
    152 Passing Touchdowns
    138 Interceptions
    80.5 Passer Rating
    247 Rushing Attempts
    1,308 Rushing Yards
    15 Rushing Touchdowns
    114 Approximate Value*

    10 Playoff Games
    130 Pass Completions
    213 Pass Attempts
    51.0% Pass Completion Percentage
    1,753 Passing Yards
    15 Passing Touchdowns
    3 Interceptions
    104.8 Passer Rating
    8 Rushing Attempts
    26 Rushing Attempts
    1,308 Rushing Yards
    1 Rushing Touchdown

    *Approximate Value was not a stat until the 1960 Season.
  • Major Accolades and Awards: NFL Champion (1961, 1962 & 1965)
    Super Bowl Champion (I & II)
    AP MVP (1966)
    UPI MVP (1966)
    NEA MVP (1966)
    The Sporting News Player of the Year (1966)
    Super Bowl MVP (I & II)
    First Team All Pro Selection (1966)
    Second Team All Pro Selection (1962 & 1964)
    Pro Bowl (1960, 1961, 1962 & 1966)
    Highest Passer Rating (1964, 1966, 1968 & 1969)
    Most Yards/Attempt (1966 & 1967)
    Most Yards/Completion (1967)
    Highest Pass Completion Percentage (1962, 1966, 1968 & 1969)
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