Ty Law 2017 HOF Debate

Ty Law 2017 HOF Debate
04 Feb
Not in Hall of Fame
Here we are in the National Football League playoffs but for us that it means it is time to discuss the potential class of the 2017 Pro Football Hall of Fame.  The Finalists have been announced, and along with regular contributor, Spheniscus, we will go back and forth with each candidate and openly debate as to which player would be a worthy Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee.

Committee Chairman: Spheniscus, this is your guy.  I won’t open with any opinion, and like Bill Bellcick’s decision to defer in Overtime against the Broncos, I am deferring to you first.

Tell me why Ty Law is a Hall of Famer?

Spheniscus: Remember when we said that Boselli was the greatest player in the history of a non-descript franchise? Well Law is the fourth greatest player in the history of one of the leagues signature franchises (behind Andre Tippett, John Hannah, and some guy named Brady) and the best defensive player on the last dynasty in the NFL. He twice led the NFL in interceptions, was twice an All Pro, five times a Pro Bowler, and a member of the 2000s All NFL Team.

And ask Peyton Manning what he thinks of Law. That 2003 AFC Championship Game may have been the greatest playoff display by a defensive back ever. One of the five greatest QBs of All Time at the height of his powers completely done in by one man. Not to mention the pick six of Warner in Superbowl XXXVI that gave the Pats the momentum they would need to win bring down the Greatest Show on Turf.

He won’t make it this year as Dawkins will be the defensive back selected. But next year when it is him, John Lynch, and Ronde Barber? I think that will be his year. Really, it had better be because it gets crowded as 2019 brings Ed Reed and Champ Bailey, 2020 gives us Troy Polamalu, and 2021 brings us someone in the conversation for the greatest of all time, Charles Woodson.

Committee Chairman: And Defensive Backs are not the most respected position either in Canton. This could be a case of a Finalist for years, because I see him slotted behind Lynch. In my bit on Dawkins, I actually suggested that Lynch could (though shouldn’t) leapfrog Dawkins primarily due to being in the public eye.

Hey ask, Phil Rizzuto how much saying “Holy Cow” helped him get into Cooperstown.

Honestly, if he doesn’t get in this year or next, he has a very long wait ahead of him and I see a Charles Haley like wait, in terms of length and reminders that this is a multi-time Super Bowl Champion.

Spheniscus: Whoever doesn’t get in amongst the three of Dawkins, Lynch, and Law (because one won’t) will have a really long wait. Like I said, I think that it will be Dawkins. And people hate the Patriots, which will probably work against him. But I think next year is his year.

Committee Chairman: The more I research Law, the more I love the guy. However, my pretend vote goes to Dawkins, and I don’t see the Hall taking Law over Dawkins or Lynch. Lynch could be your biggest obstacle here.

Spheniscus: I agree that Law isn’t getting in this year. It is just good to see him get off of the bench and getting his first nomination. He would get my vote over Lynch, but Dawkins is a tough call for me. Even as a Pats fan, I’d probably still go Dawkins. 
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