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The Best Debut Albums of 2022

The Best Debut Albums of 2022
21 Mar
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There were a lot of good releases in the past year - pop, new wave, rock, hip-hop, electronica, experimental music and more. Microgaming online casinos, like the diverse music genres released in 2022, offer a variety of games to suit different preferences.

Let's discuss in more detail the albums that have graced and changed the musical landscape of 2022.

"Fossora" – Björk

"Fossora" is Björk's first self-produced album. Deep and challenging, it explores themes of land and family; it was even recorded in the singer's native Iceland, with her children acting as backing singers and co-writers. "Fossora" demands effort from the listener - it's complex, intricate and, despite everything, sincere material on the verge of poetry. Make an effort - it's worth it.

"L'Emprise" - Mylene Farmer

Mylène Farmer works without Laurent Boutonne again - and that's just what she needs. Woodkid, Moby and Darius Keeler of Archive understand her just as well. With Woodkid, she succeeds with triumphantly tragic songs, with Moby with uplifting ones and with Keeler with self-deprecating ones. But the protagonist of "L'Emprise" is Farmer herself: her realm of melancholy where she unreservedly rules.

"Impera" – Ghost

Many people nowadays consider heavy rock an outdated, "outdated" genre - and in vain. Ghost's "Impera" is proof of that: there are powerful riffs, catchy melodies, and some theatricality, as well as a serious stadium application. It's no coincidence that the album was noticed by rock and metal publications and the "pop" PopMatters and NME. The Grammy committee couldn't miss it either - "Call Me Little Sunshine" was nominated for Best Metal Performance.

"Just Like That" - Bonnie Raitt.

A great album for those who like traditional 1970s and 1980s style pop-rock. Bonnie Raitt is the star of that era, so no one could have done it better. Raitt wrote almost half of the songs from Just Like That and produced the record herself. Her voice remains wonderfully resonant and catchy: it's impossible to believe that "Just Like That" is sung by someone who celebrated her 73rd birthday in November.

"Entering Heaven Alive" - Jack White

Of Jack White's two albums released in 2022, «Entering Heaven Alive» deserves more interest. Everyone is used to the musician's guitar solos, but on this record, he reveals himself as a talented performer of folk and country ballads. White has recorded similar tracks before, but after "Entering Heaven Alive", he makes you want to hear another such album.

"A Light for Attracting Attention" - The Smile

Instead of a new Radiohead record, fans got the debut release of The Smile, a new project from the two band members. "A Light for Attracting Attention" was almost the best album in the tandem of Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood. It is similar to Radiohead in general mood, though it differs from their work - first of all, combining clever musical structures and minimalism in a different sound.

"Wet Leg" - Wet Leg

Women's indie rock duo from the UK, Wet Leg, have gotten everyone's attention. They are critically acclaimed and invited to festivals - they are even due to perform at the iconic Glastonbury in 2023. "Wet Leg" is an expressive and moderately upbeat release. That's what a modern pandemic rock album should be. Surprisingly solid, robust and full of nuance, "Wet Leg" is an outstanding debut.

"Profound Mysteries" - Royksopp

"Profound Mysteries" is not an album but an entire trilogy universe from the legendary Norwegian electro duo Royksopp. All parts of "Profound Mysteries" are a bit uneven, but some songs are great, while others are just plain good. Excellent arrangements and a first-rate selection of vocalists make "Profound Mysteries" one of the best projects of 2022.

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