The Hobbies of Professional Athletes

The Hobbies of Professional Athletes
20 Jan
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You’ve got to be pretty special to become a professional athlete. The percentage of athletes that make it to the big leagues is so small that only the best of the best make it through. So, it should perhaps come as no surprise that professional athletes aren’t just handy at their chosen sport, but are just generally talented people. Indeed, take a pro football player, and you’d probably find that they could more than hold their own in any other sport you dropped them into. 

And it’s not just on the field that pro athletes perform well. Take a look at some of the hobbies that those famous faces engage in, and you’ll find that they’re more or less good at everything they attempt. Some people have all the luck. Don’t believe us? Let’s explore some common hobbies for professional athletes. 

Making Music

There’s always been a big overlap between music and sports. The dressing rooms are alive with music, and many teams celebrate their victories with an anthem. Sometimes those worlds collide in a more direct way, such as when athletes get behind the microphone themselves and record a track or two. The late Kobe Bryant recorded a rap album back in 1999, while Shaquille O’Neal released four albums throughout the same decade. The boxer Manny Pacquiao also released many songs between 2006 and 2013. 

Playing Games  

You don’t become a pro athlete without being competitive. Sports stars live for competition. Alas, they normally only play one game a week, so what do they do when they’re not on the field? That’s right, they play different types of games. Play a few hands at the best poker sites, and you might just end up playing against an athlete that you normally see on television. Neymar, Boris Becker, and Michael Phelps are all known to be huge poker players. 

There are also plenty of athletic video gamers, too. Cam Newton, Paul George, and Eric Berry all say they’re obsessed with video games, especially sporting video games. 

The Fashion World

Take a look at many sports stars when they head to a restaurant, and you’ll notice that most of them have a pretty particular fashion sense. They like to stand out. And some athletes are so interested in the fashion world that they even launch their own clothing lines. Some of the biggest sports stars in the world, including Serena Williams, David Beckham, LeBron James, and Cristiano Ronaldo, have created clothing. Who knew that people who are awesome at sports could also live another life as fashion designers? Talent knows no limits!

Traveling the World

Many people love traveling, but not everyone has the time or money to do it. Sports stars usually travel for work purposes when they have to play across the country (or even internationally, during the Olympics), and some athletes even travel for leisure. Floyd Mayweather, LeBron James, Ronda Rousey, and Tom Brady have all expressed a passion for exploring the world. You can only imagine how awesome it must be to travel with their bank balances, too. 


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