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1. Chris Bosh

Vince Carter was the player who put the Toronto Raptors on the map, but Chris Bosh is the one we are going with as the franchise’s greatest player. 

Do we place Chris Bosh in our 2021 Futures?

We have been putting this one of for a while but we have to ask the question now that the Miami Heat has officially waived Chris Bosh, do we put him on our 2021 Futures or do we wait to see if he officially retires?

Bosh thanked the fans of Miami in an open letter on his website but did not indicate whether he intends to retire from professional basketball or not.  The former alumni of Georgia Tech was forced off of the court due to blood clots at the 2014-15 All Star break and it would happen again the year after.  Bosh was not medically cleared to play last season.

Should Bosh never return to the NBA he ends a career with two NBA Championships and eleven All Star Game appearances.  The odds are strong that he will be entering the Basketball Hall of Fame, though if this is the end, is he a first ballot entry?

Bosh would become eligible in 2021, the same year as Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett, which already was the most loaded class in the last twenty years.  Throw Bosh in there and we may have four first ballot entries with well over ten titles between them.

So, do we wait to put CB4 on our 2021 Futures list or do we assume that his playing career is over? 

We need a week to think about this one, but we would love to hear your thoughts. 

Our Top 50 All-Time Toronto Raptors are now up

Our slow and methodical process of putting together the top 50 players from every franchise continues and it is just in time for the upcoming NBA season. Today we present one of the newest franchises, the Toronto Raptors.

The Raptors have never won an NBA Championship, nor have they been to the Finals but as of this writing have had their best string of regular and post season success in the last few years. With a team this young this is not exactly an All Star team but that is to be expected and it will be fun to watch this list fluctuate in the coming years.

The entire list can be found here, but as per tradition we are offering the top five here.

  1. Chris Bosh
  1. Vince Carter
  1. DeMar DeRozan
  1. Kyle Lowry
  1. Jose Calderon
Up next is the recent loser in the American League Wild Card Game, the Minnesota Twins.

As always, we here at we encourage you to take a look at this new list and offer your opinions!

The Miami Heat to retire Chris Bosh's #1

Regular visitors of know that we are slowly working on the top 50 of every major team in the NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB. Once that is done we intend to look at how each team honor their past players and executive.  As such it is news to us that the Miami Heat have announced that they are retiring the number 1 of Chris Bosh on March 26 when they host the Orlando Magic.

Bosh joined the Miami Heat after the 2009-10 season where he joined Dwayne Wade and fellow Free Agent, LeBron James to make a superteam. Bosh was named an All Star and helped the Heat reach the NBA Finals where they would go down to defeat against the Dallas Mavericks.  He would however help the Heat reach the Finals the next season and this time they would win by defeating the Oklahoma City Thunder.  The Heat would win again in 2013 with a win over the San Antonio Spurs though they would lose to San Antonio the following year in the Finals. 

James would rejoin Cleveland, but Bosh remained at an All Star level and he was named one in all six of his seasons with Miami.  He played for them last in the 2015-16 where his year was shortened when he suffered blood clot issues where and he would never play again.

Overall as a member of the Miami Heat, Bosh played 384 Regular Season Games with an 18.0 Points per Game Average.  Bosh becomes the fourth person to have his number retired following Alonzo Mourning, Tim Hardaway and Shaquille O’Neal.

We here at would like to congratulate Chris Bosh for earning this honor.

Chris Bosh disappointed he is a not a Finalist

When the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame announced their Finalists, Chris Bosh was left off of it.  This is his first year of eligibility after being forced to retire due to issues with blood clots in 2014.  He had this to say on his Instagram:

"I'm going to be honest with you. I'm a competitor, man. I've been competing my whole life. A lot of people don't really know that about me, but I'm a fierce competitor. Losing bothers me. Coming up short bothers me. It always has, you know, since the moment I started playing basketball and it kind of bleeds over into everything that I do. So I'll just get ahead of it, and so you hear this from me: I'm disappointed."

Only five men (down from ten) were named as Finalists this year, with three of those being former players (Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett).   The conspiracy theory in us feels like Bosh (and other previous finalists like Chris Webber and Ben Wallace) were put on the shelf for now to clear the path for Bryant, Duncan and Garnett.  With all due respect to Bosh, he is the clear number four behind those three.  The delay of Bosh also gives the Hall a headliner for the 2021 Class, and let’s be honest, they need to sell tickets to.

As always, we will be watching.

Major Update: Our Notinhalloffame Basketball List has been revised, Paul Pierce now #1

Hall of Fame related lists are at the forefront of what we do. Hell, it is in the name of our site;!

The problem (or actually our perpetual joy) is that we have to continuously revise lists, most of them annually.  With the ones in reference to the main Halls of Fame, we try to tackle the revisions immediately.  With that in mind, we are pleased to have our new Basketball list of those to consider for the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame.

Before we get into it, please note that this list only covers the male candidates.  We may look at doing a separate list for coaches, international, and women, but for now we will remain with this core list.

As always, the first thing we do is remove those who were chosen for the incoming class.  This involved the removal of our top three, Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett, all of which were in their first year of eligibility.  We should note that while Rudy Tomjanavich was also chosen for Springfield, he did so as a Coach, and in the Basketball Hall, you can enter multiple times as a Coach and as a Player.

The second thing we do is input the new entries who are now eligible and are worthy of being ranked.  

The third is look at your comments and votes and alter accordingly.

The complete list can be found here, but below are the former players who now comprise our new top ten.

Paul Pierce debuts at #1, and is our highest ranked new entry.  Pierce was a ten-time All-Star, and was chosen for four All-NBA Teams (one Second Team and three Third Team).  Pierce was a teammate of this year’s inductee, Kevin Garnett, in Boston, and he was the Finals MVP in their Championship win in 2008. 

Chris Bosh moved from #4 to #2.  Bosh was openly upset when he was not included in this list of Finalists for the 2020 Hall of Fame Class, but we suspect this was to hold him back for a class with Pierce. The former Raptor and Heat player, was an 11-time All-Star and won two NBA Championships with Miami.

Chris Webber climbs back to #3 from #5.  Webber was the leader of the Michigan’s “Fab Five”, and was the NBA Rookie of the Year. C-Webb was a five-time All-Star, and was once a First Team All-NBA Selection, as well as a three-time Second Team All-NBA Selection.  Webber was at one time ranked number one on this list.

Ben Wallace moves up two spots to #4.  Wallace was a part of the Detroit Pistons 2004 NBA Championship, and he was a four-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year.  The four-time All-Star was a three-time Second Team All-NBA and a two-time Third Team All-NBA Selection.

Shawn Kemp rose three to #5.  The former Seattle SuperSonic went to six All-Star Games, and was chosen for three-time Second Team squads.

Max Zaslofsky also went up three spots from #9 to #6.  Zaslofsky was a four-time First Team All-NBA player in the 1940s and 1950s.

Mark Aguirre climbed to #7 from #10.  The former Naismith College Player of the Year, won two NBA Championships as a Detroit Piston, and he was also a three-time All-Star.

Tim Hardaway returns to the top ten, moving up to #8.  The former five-time All-Star was a star at Golden State, and he was also a First Team All-NBA player in 1997.

Lou Hudson shot up from #16 to #9.  Hudson was a six-time All-Star.

Bob Dandridge closes the top ten, and he rose from #13.  He was a four-time All-Star, and he won two NBA Titles, one with Milwaukee and one with Washington.

There are two new entries.

Deron Williams enters at #57 and Metta World Peace (the former Ron Artest) makes his list debut at #83.

At present, the list goes to 115.  In the future, the intent is to bring it to 150, where it will be capped at that number.

You know what we want you to do!

Take a look at the new list, and cast your votes and offer your opinions.  

As always, we here at thank you for your support.

2. Chris Bosh

Honesty, this one is a little tough for us.

It is not that we don’t think that Chris Bosh should be ranked at this spot.  We do.  It just is we aren’t positive that he is exactly eligible…or that he even wants to be right now.

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