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12. Marshawn Lynch

Many in the city of Buffalo are still upset that they traded Marshawn Lynch for a pair of draft picks in 2010, and in that year’s playoff, “Beast Mode” became a nationally known figure. 

Marshawn Lynch to Retire

It was a perfect way for Marshawn Lynch to retire wasn’t it?

The man who popularized “beast mode” and “I’m just here so I won’t get fined” put up a not so cryptic tweet with his cleats hung up.  Instant speculation that he had retired hit the Internet, and why wouldn’t it?  Lynch had told friends and family that this would be his last season and with the issues that he had with his back had rendered him on the inactive list for most of this campaign.

If it wasn’t just speculation, the Seattle Seahawks appeared to confirm it with a tweet of their own thanking Lynch for his tenure as a Seahawk, which was only an hour after Russell Wilson thanked him for the honor of playing with him.

The Running Back retires after a nine year career with the Buffalo Bills and Seattle Seahawks.  He was a Pro Bowl selection five times, a First Team All Pro once and a Super Bowl Champion.   Lynch finishes statistically with 9,112 Rushing Yards, 1,979 Receiving Yards and 88 Touchdowns.  These are good numbers, but not on the level that other Running Backs who have entered the Hall of Fame with recently, but with his elite playoff performance and near iconic status, he might have an intangible that gets elevates him over his peers.

We here at would like to thank Marshawn Lynch for the memories and know that whatever he does next it will be a success.

Marshawn Lynch to retire

This is the second day in a row where we have a Running Back retiring from the National Football League.  Following yesterday’s retirement of longtime Carolina Panther, Jonathan Stewart, Oakland Raiders Running Back, Marshawn Lynch will be retiring from the game for a second time.

Lynch was drafted 12thoverall in 2007 by the Buffalo Bills where as a rookie he rushed for 1,115 Yards, and in his second season, he again hit 1,000 Yards (1,036) and earned a trip to the Pro Bowl.  He did not have a great 2009, and early in the 2010 season, he was traded to the Seattle Seahawks for two mid-round draft picks, which would prove to be beneficial for Seattle and Lynch and one that Bills fans still bemoan today.

With the Seahawks, he became a star, and his “Beast Mode” nickname became known through every NFL fanbase.  Lynch returned to the Pro Bowl in 2011 with a 1,204 Rushing Yard, 12 TD performance and in 2012 he was even better going for 1,590 Rushing Yards with 11 Touchdowns. Not only did he go to the Pro Bowl he was also a First Team All-Pro.  

Lynch would again have more than 1,000 Receiving Yards in the next two years, but this time he helped take Seattle to the Super Bowl those seasons.  The Seahawks would win Super Bowl XLVIII in a dismantling of the Denver Broncos but they would fail in Super Bowl XLIX against the New England Patriots. In that contest, Lynch had rushed for 102 Yards and a Touchdown but on Seattle’s final offensive play of the game they threw a pass instead of run (they were on New England’s 1-yard line) in a play that everyone thought should have gone to Lynch.

Injuries kept Lynch out of half of the 2015 season and he retired from the game but not all sports retirements stick.  After sitting out the 2016 season he returned to the game, this time signing with the Oakland Raiders where he would play the last two years.

Lynch played in 148 Games, rushing for 10,379 Yards and 84 Touchdowns and he would also record another 287 Receptions for 2,214 Yards and 9 Touchdowns. 

We here at would like to thank Marshawn Lynch for the incredible on the field memories, his always entertaining banter with reporters, skittles and of course, “Beast Mode”.   We wish Marshawn Lynch the best in post-playing career and are certain that whatever he does next it will be entertaining!

Thank you, Marshawn!

Marshawn Lynch returns

In April, we did our standard recap where we wished a player the best in their post-playing endeavors, with the individual person in question being Marshawn Lynch.  Let’s retract that as “Beast Mode” is back.

Lynch resigned with the Seattle Seahawks yesterday, and the five-time Pro Bowl Selection comes back with “unfinished business” as he said in a recent YouTube video.  

We know what the unfinished business is.  At Super Bowl XLIX, the Seahawks were driving late in the game and were on the one-yard line.  It was expected that Lynch would get the ball, but instead a passing play was called that resulted in a Malcolm Butler interception.  That saved the game for the Patriots, and every arm chair quarterback in the world wondered why Lynch didn’t get the ball.

Last season, Lynch had 460 Yards from Scrimmage with the Oakland Raiders, and he has 12,595 in total.  Should the Seahawks win the Super Bowl, and Lynch has a good game, it would be huge for his Pro Football Hall of Fame chances.

As always will be watching.  

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