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Ty Law 2017 HOF Debate

Here we are in the National Football League playoffs but for us that it means it is time to discuss the potential class of the 2017 Pro Football Hall of Fame.  The Finalists have been announced, and along with regular contributor, Spheniscus, we will go back and forth with each candidate and openly debate as to which player would be a worthy Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee.

Jerod Mayo Retires

Jerod Mayo, the 29 year old Linebacker with the New England Patriots announced via Instagram post that he would be retiring from the National Football League.

Drafted out of the University of Tennessee in the first round in 2008, Jarod Mayo made an immediate impact with the Patriots earning the Defensive Rookie of the Year Award.  Mayo would enjoy his best year in 2010 when he made his first and only First Team All Pro roster and led the NFL in combined tackles.  He would make the Pro Bowl again in 2012 and in 2015 was a member of the Super Bowl Champion Patriots team.

Mayo retires with 353 Solo Tackles and 11 Quarterback Sacks over 103 Games Played.  Mayo will be eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2021, though he is unlikely to get inducted.  He is however likely to get inducted into the New England Patriots Hall of Fame in the future. 

We would like to thank Jerod Mayo for the great memories on the field and we wish him the best in his post-playing career.

Kevin Faulk selected to the New England Patriots HOF

The New England Patriots have announced that former Running Back, Kevin Faulk will become the newest member of their franchise’s Hall of Fame.  Faulk won the fan vote over Cornerback, Raymond Clayborn and Linebacker, Mike Vrabel.

Drafted in the Second Round of the 1999 Class out of LSU, the back would spend his entire thirteen year NFL career with the New England Patriots.  While Faulk was never a Pro Bowler, he was a dependable backfield player who pounded his way to 3,607 Yards and 3,701 Yards from Receptions.  Overall, Faulk accumulated 33 Touchdowns.

Faulk also has three Super Bowl Rings and over 5,000 Return Yards.  He is still in the top 100 all-time in All-Purpose Yards.

We here at would like to congratulate Kevin Faulk for making the New England Patriots Hall of Fame.

The New England Patriots Name their Finalists for their HOF

As most regular visitors to are aware of, we are in the (very) slow process of working on the top 50 players for every major sports team (MLB, NHL, NFL & NBA).  After that, the intent is to look how each one of those organizations treat their former players and executives in term of retired numbers, franchise Halls of Fame etc. 

As such, it is significant news to us that the New England Patriots Hall of Fame has selected three former players as Finalists for the 2017 Hall of Fame Class.

Raymond Clayborn is a Finalist for the fourth year in a row.  Clayborn was drafted out of the University of Texas in the First Round in 1977 and would play for them until 1989.  He would named to three Pro Bowls (1983, 1985 & 1986) and recorded 36 Interceptions over 191 Games for New England.

Mike Vrabel makes his second straight appearance as a Finalist.  Vrabel was signed as a Free Agent in 2001, and after making minimal impact in four years with the Pittsburgh Steelers, became a starting Linebacker with the Pats.  He would help New England win three Super Bowls and over 125 Games would record 11 Interceptions and 48 Sacks for the team.

Richard Seymour is a Finalist for the first time.  Seymour was drafted 6th Overall in 2001 and like Vrabel, also was part of a defensive unit that would win three Super Bowls.  A Patriot for the first eight of his twelve years in the NFL, the Defensive End played 111 Games and had 39 Sacks.  He would be named to the Pro Bowl every year from 2002 to 2006 and was also a three time First Team All Pro.

It is noteworthy that fans of the Patriots can go on line at and cast their votes.  Whoever is chosen will be the 26th member of what we feel has become one of the most prestigious franchise Halls of Fame.  That inductee will be revealed in Mid-May.

You better believe we are excited to see who that will be!

Raymond Clayborn to the New England Patriots HOF

As the result of a fan vote, Raymond Clayborn has been selected for the New England Patriots Hall of Fame.

The former Cornerback enters the Hall on his fourth year on the ballot.

Drafted 16th overall out of the University of Texas, Clayborn was used primarily as a Kick Returner in his rookie year and by his sophomore campaign was a starter, and would be for eleven more seasons in New England. 

Clayborn was not just a starter but was a three time Pro Bowl Selection, and a major part of the defensive corps that took the Patriots to a Super Bowl appearance in ’86.  Overall in his career in New England he recorded 36 Interceptions.

He beat out Richard Seymour and Mike Vrabel for the honor.

We here at would like to congratulate Raymond Clayborn for achieving this accolade.

Josh Kraft throws shade on the Jets "HOF"

This is a first for us. 

As many of you know, we are (methodically) working on our top 50 of every team, which will eventually lead to how each franchise in MLB, NHL, NFL and NBA treat their former players in terms of retired numbers, rings of honor and franchise Halls of Fames. 

We can’t really say that we envisioned one team taking a potshot as to how another one handles that, but that is exactly what transpired today.

In a speech at Gillette Stadium during the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation Awards the son of Pats owner, Robert Kraft, Josh Kraft, told those in attendance to check out the Patriots Hall of Fame and stated that “It’s a lot better than the Jet’s Hall of Fame, which is non-existent”.


While the division rival does not have a physical Hall of Fame, the Jets do have a Ring of Honor with seventeen members and have retired the numbers of five former players.  What New York has done is more than typical for a National Football League organization.

Either way, it is a banter that we here at love!

Vince Wilfork Retires

With another day passing, we have another significant retirement to talk about.

In a fitting, yet sponsored post from Kingsford charcoal, the 300 plus pound Nose Tackle, Vince Wilfork announced his retirement from the National Football League. 

Mostly known for his lengthy run (11 seasons) with the New England Patriots, Wilfork went on a four year run from 2009 to 2012 where he was chosen for the Pro Bowl.  This is in addition to a selection in 2007 and four appearances on All-Pro squads.  He is also a two time Super Bowl Champion with New England, earning a ring in 2004 and 2012.  He would conclude his career with two seasons as a Houston Texan.

Vince was a favorite of ours and we suspect one of many of yours.

We here at would like to wish him the best in his post playing career!

The New England Patriots Hall of Fame announce their Finalists

The New England Patriots have announced the three Finalists for their Hall of Fame and all three of them were members of the organization’s first three Super Bowls.

Matt Light is a first time nominee. The former Left Tackle played 153 Games in the NFL and started all of them in a career that was spent only in New England (2001-11). The former Purdue Boilermaker was a second round pick and was chosen for three Pro Bowls.

Richard Seymour is being nominated for the second time. Seymour played for New England from 2001 to 2008 and as a Patriot he was named to five straight Pro Bowls (2002-06) and three straight First Team All Pro squads (2003-05).

Mike Vrabel is a nominee for the third time. Vrabel played 125 (starting 110) for the Pats at Linebacker and was a Pro Bowl and First Team All Pro in 2007.

You can vote on who you think should be in the Hall at

Whoever is selected will be the 27th person selected for the New England Patriots Hall of Fame.

Matt Light named to the New England Patriots HOF

One of our favorite franchise Halls of Fame has announced their latest inductee.

Former Offensive Tackle, Matt Light has been chosen via a fan vote to be the 27th member of the New England Patriots Hall of Fame.

Light was drafted in the Second Round in 2001 out of Purdue and he would quickly take over the starting Left Tackle role for the Pats. Light would play 155 Games for New England and started in 153 of them. Three times (2006, 2007 & 2010) Light was named to the Pro Bowl and he was chosen as a First Team All Pro in 2007.

He becomes the fourth player after Kevin Faulk, Troy Brown and Tedy Bruschi to enter the Patriots Hall of Fame with three Super Bowl Rings.

Light’s induction ceremony will be held on September 29th at the NRG Plaza.

We here would like to congratulate Matt Light on receiving this prestigious honor.

Leon Gray named to he New England Patriots Hall of Fame

One of our favorite franchise Halls of Fame belongs to the New England Patriots, who not only have had a better past 20 years than any other NFL franchise but also celebrates their history better than most teams regardless of the sport.  That institution has announced that former Offensive Lineman Leon Gray has been chosen for the New England Patriots Hall of Fame via their Senior Committee.

Drafted in the 3rd Round in 1973 by Miami, the Dolphins did not see much in their selection from Jackson State and he would be cut.  The Patriots disagreed with that assessment and he was signed where he would become the team’s starting Left Guard.  Gray moved to Left Tackle the following season, which was a perfect fit for his skills.  He would be named to the Pro Bowl in 1976 and 1978 with the latter seeing him earn First Team All-Pro honors.  He would surprisingly be traded to the Houston Oilers the following season where he would go to three more Pro Bowls.

Gray will be inducted along with one more former player, which will be revealed next week.

We here at would like to congratulate Leon Gray for earning this prestigious honor.

The New England Patriots HOF announces their three Finalists

The New England Patriots Hall of Fame has announced their three Finalists for their institution.

Richard Seymour:  Seymour played with the Patriots from 2001 to 2008 and he helped New England reach five Super Bowls and win three of them.  From 2002 to 2006 he was chosen for the Pro Bowl and he was a First Team All-Pro three times (2003, 2004 & 2005) and he would record 39.0 Sacks for the Pats.  

Mike Vrabel:  Like Seymour, Vrabel would help New England win three Super Bowls but he arrived via free agency after four seasons where he was mostly used on Special Teams as a Pittsburgh Steeler.  With the Patriots he primarily played Linebacker where he was a Pro Bowl and First Team All-Pro in 2007.  He would have 48.0 Quarterback Sacks for New England.

Rodney Harrison:  Harrison arrived to New England from the San Diego Chargers and the Defensive Back would help the Patriots win the Super Bowl in back-to-back years in the 2003 and 2004 seasons.  Harrison was a First Team All-Pro in 2003 and he had eight Interceptions and nine Sacks as a Patriot.

This looks like it will be a tough choice, doesn’t it?

Fans can vote online through May 3 here.

Leon Gray has already been chosen by the Senior Committee of the New England Patriots Hall of Fame.

Rodney Harrison to enter the New England Patriots HOF

Regular visitors of know that we are slowly working on the top 50 of every major team in the NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB. Once that is done, we intend to look at how each team honor their past players and executive.  As such it is news to us that the New England Patriots have announced that Rodney Harrison will be the new inductee to their franchise Hall of Fame.

Harrison was a San Diego Charger for the first nine years of his career and he would sign with New England before the 2003 season.  The Defensive Back would help the Patriots win two Super Bowls (XXXVIII & XXXIX) and he was a First Team All-Pro in 2003.  Overall, he would play 63 Games for the Pats and secured 8 Interceptions with 441 Tackles.  

The induction of Rodney Harrison makes this the 29thmember of the Patriots Hall of Fame, which at we consider to be one of the best franchise Hall of Fames of the big four of North American sports.  Harrison beat out Richard Seymour and Mike Vrabel who were the other two finalists.

We here at would like to congratulate Rodney Harrison for earning this very prestigious honor.

How do the Rams and Patriots look after their first games?

Anyone who is interested in NFL betting online or simply watching football for fun will be happy that the new season is underway. Summer can seem a long time as a football fan, and all supporters will be glad that the action has kicked off once more. Two sets of fans who will be especially looking forward to how this campaign pans out are those who follow the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams.

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78. Ben Coates

Shannon Sharpe may be considered the best tight end of the 1990’s, but a consensus number two would likely be Ben Coates.  Coincidentally, the two would wrap up their careers at the star of the new millennium as teammates for the Baltimore Ravens in winning Super Bowl XXXV.

81. Drew Bledsoe

Did we make a mistake not ranking Drew Bledsoe in his first year of eligibility? Statistically speaking we may have as his career statistics are more impressive than other Quarterbacks ranked higher than him. However other intangibles come into play which just makes it so hard for us to determine the perfect place for him on this list.
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92. Irving Fryar

As the first overall pick in 1984, many expected Irving Fryar to be great right away.  He wasn’t, but his career showcased a slow climb to being one of the elite receivers in football, and a lot of times hearing his number called by broadcasters on Sunday afternoons.
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