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RIP: Frank Gifford

On a weekend where the world of professional football is celebrating their Hall of Fame and the legends that made the sport great, one of the great ones has passed away.


It was announced today that Frank Gifford died of natural causes at the age of 84 at his home in New Haven, Connecticut.  


A star at USC, Gifford was drafted in the first round by the New York Giants, the only team he would play for and one that he would suit up for fifteen seasons.  As a player, Gifford would make eight Pro Bowls, and help bring the Giants to five NFL Championships, winning one in 1956.  That would easily be the best year of his career, as not only did he win the NFL title, he was also named the Most Valuable Player of the league.  


A testament to his versatility is that Gifford was a Pro Bowler at three different positions and his longevity was that he was a member of the 1950’s All-Decade Team.  Gifford, who would suffer a severe head injury in 1960, would return to the National Football League in ’62, winning the NFL Comeback Player of the Year.  


Following the end of his playing career, Frank Gifford would become a very successful broadcaster, notably as a commentator on the iconic, Monday Night Football, where he would work for over two decades.  


Frank Gifford is a member of both the College Football and the Pro Football Hall of Fame and this is a major loss for the community of American Football.


We here at would like to extend our condolences to the family and friends of Frank Gifford at this time. 


Our All-Time Top 50 New York Giants are now up

Yes, we know that this is taking a while!

As many of you know, we here at are slowly generating the 50 of each major North American sports team.  We have a new one to unveil today, that of the New York Giants. 

In 1925, the New York Giants were one of five teams that joined the National Football League, and of those five, they are the only ones that are still in existence.

The Giants have been in existence for nearly a century and have won eight Championships. The first four as NFL Champions (1927, 1934, 1938 & 1956) and they were a perpetual contender in the early 1960s. In the Super Bowl Era, they won in 1986 (XXI), 1990 (XXV), 2007 (XLII), and 2011 (XLVI).

Eight Championships is impressive regardless of the league and the sport!

As for all of our top 50 players in football we look at the following: 

1.  Advanced Statistics.

2. Traditional statistics and how they finished in the NFL.

3. Playoff accomplishments.

4. Their overall impact on the team and other intangibles not reflected in a stat sheet.

Remember, this is ONLY based on what a player does on that particular team and not what he accomplished elsewhere and also note that we have placed an increased importance on the first two categories.

This list is updated up until the end of the 2019 Season.

The complete list can be found here,but as always, we announce our top five in this article.  They are:

1. Lawrence Taylor

2. Emlen Tunnell

3. Rosey Brown

4. Mel Hein

5. Michael Strahan

We will continue our adjustments on our existing lists and will continue developing our new lists.  

Look for our more material coming soon!

Up next, will be the top 50 Los Angeles Chargers.

As always we thank you for your support.

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