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18. Nolan Ryan

Nolan Ryan and “The Ryan Express” would play for the Rangers only in the last five years of his career, but even in the last five years of his celebrated career (which was in his 40’s), he was still a very good starter who could still fan batters at will and would become an even bigger icon in the state of Texas.  Ryan would go on to become an executive with the Rangers and will forever be beloved by the fans of the organization.  Remember, this rank is only what happens on the diamond, as if we decide this in terms of iconic stature, he would top the list.

Ryan had a 51-39 Record with Texas and netted 939 Strikeouts.  The team retired his number 34 in 1996, and he was part of the first Rangers Hall of Fame class in 2003.  The Baseball Hall of Fame inducted Ryan in 1999.
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