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10 Names added to the WWE Legacy Wing

According to the very reputable website,, there will be 10 new entrants in the WWE Hall of Fame via the Legacy Wing.  As per previous years, this came with no fanfare and is a group of names that run the gamut of wrestling history with carrying levels of importance.

The new inductees will be:

Jim Barnett:  Barnett was one of the most successful promoters in wrestling history beginning with Indianapolis and Detroit and in the 1960s would take over the Australian territory and take it to new heights.  He would buy into Georgia Championship Wrestling and raise its profile until he sold his interest to the WWF where he would become a Vice President from 1984 to 1987.  He would later serve as a consultant in WCW and again in the WWE.  Barnett was ranked #127 on our list.

Bruiser Brody:  If there was anyone who had more of a free and independent spirit in Professional Wrestling we don’t who it is!  Brody was trained by Fritz Von Erich and would be a freelancer throughout the world and an international legend.  The pioneer of the modern brawling style was killed in Puerto Rico by a fellow wrestler (and booker) when he was stabbed over a business dispute in 1988.  Through Brody’s widow, a Legends Contract is in place for Brody and has been for a while so there is little surprise.  Brody was ranked #7 by us on

Primo Carnera:  Carnera is actually better known for being the Heavyweight Boxing Champion in 1933 but he would wrestle after his boxing career ended and he would receive world title shots against Lou Thesz.  We did not have Carnera ranked.

Joseph Cohen:  Cohen was the creator of the Madison Square Garden Network, which had a relationship with the WWE as they aired their shows at MSG on that channel.

Wahoo McDaniel:  A former member of the American Football League over nine seasons, Wahoo McDaniel would be a stalwart in the National Wrestling Alliance, mostly in the Mid-Atlantic Territory where he was multi-time champion.  He would also hold multiple championships in Texas, Florida and Georgia and among his peers was one of the most respected wrestlers in the business. McDaniel was ranked #44 by us on  He passed away n 2002.

S.D. Jones:  Jones cut his teeth in the Mid-Atlantic and California territories and he would join the WWF in the early ’80s.  Jones was originally in the mid-card but as the organization exploded in popularity he would be used as enhancement talent, most notably putting over King Kong Bundy in 24 seconds at the first Wrestlemania.  While he lost the majority of his matches he would be a very popular figure.  Jones was ranked #185 on our list.

“Playboy” Buddy Rose:  Many remember Rose in his last run with the company where his weight was a punchline with the “blow away diet” but he was a top contender for the WWWF title in 1982 against Bob Backlund and under a hood was the Executioner, the first man to walk down the aisle at a Wrestlemania.  Rose was a major star in Portland where he held their version of the Heavyweight Championship many times.  Rose is ranked #153 on

Hisashi Shinma:  Shinma was the figurehead President of the WWF from 1978 to 1984 but he was also a top executive and booker for New Japan and integral to their relationship to the WWE, which would see a lot of talent exchanges between the two.  He was ranked #356 on our list.

Professor Toru Tanaka:  From Hawaii, but portraying an evil Japanese villain, Professor Toru Tanaka would challenge Bruno Sammartino for the WWWF World Heavyweight Championship and along with Mr. Fuji would be a three time WWWF World Tag Team Champion.  Tanaka would also appear in multiple films.  He was ranked #82 on

Luna Vachon:  This was a little controversial for some as many would think that the induction of Vachon (albeit posthumous) should have taken place on the main stage especially considering her main run in the WWE took place in the Attitude Era.  In an era of Divas, Vachon was a wrestler and she should have entered the WWE Hall of Fame before other women who entered ahead of her.  She was ranked #126 on

While we again reiterate that this is a strange group, we are happy for the families of this group and we congratulate them.  

We will now begin work on revising our list and hope to have that up next month.

Major Update: Our WWE List has been revised!

One of the most important things that we work on here at is our core lists, that being those who should be considered for various key Halls of Fame that we look at. As such we are very pleased that we have completed our revision on our list of those to consider for the WWE Hall of Fame.

As always, our revisions involve the following:

  1. The removal of the entries who got in.

This was a huge amount especially in our top 100, which would see ten taken off the board.  Before we get there, we have been asked how we deal with wrestlers who have entered the WWE Hall of Fame, but in a different form than appears on our list.  Our perception is that once a wrestler is chosen be it as a single, a tag team or a faction, they are in even if they get in a second time. We began this rule when the Four Horsemen were inducted and despite Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard and Barry Windham having worthwhile careers on their own we elected not to keep them on the list.  Let’s call it our “Double A” rule.  

Make sense?

Let’s continue!

Leaving the list and entering the WWE Hall of Fame are Triple H (#4 entering as a part of D-Generation X), Bruiser Brody (#7 entering via the Legacy Wing), The Honky Tonk Man (#22), Wahoo McDaniel (#44 entering via the Legacy Wing), The New Age Outlaws (#47 who are entering as part of D-Generation X), Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart (#56 who is entering as part of the Hart Foundation), Chyna (#63 who is entering as part of D-Generation X), Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake (#71), X-Pac (#75 who is entering as part of D-Generation X), Professor Toru Tanaka (#82 entering via the Legacy Wing), Luna Vachon (#126 entering via the Legacy Wing), Jim Barnett (#137 entering via the Legacy Wing), “Playboy” Buddy Rose (#153 entering via the Legacy Wing), Torrie Wilson (#169), S.D. Jones (#185 entering via the Legacy Wing), Stevie Ray (#195 entering via Harlem Heat) and Hisashi Shinma (#356 entering the Legacy Wing).  

We have also added some wrestlers, but unlike the sports we cover wrestlers retire and come back all the time.  We have instated a mandatory age minimum of 46, which is when we bring Future Candidates automatically to the Main List regardless of how active they are.  This applied to only two wrestlers this year who we should have had a year earlier in Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Christopher Daniels. They enter at #71 and #242 respectively.

Through the suggestions of regular user, Dr. Clayton Forrester, we have added many new entries, most of which would be good Legacy Wing entries. The new entries are Salvador Lutteroth (#139), Antonio Pena (#152), Jess McMahon (#203), “The French Angel” Maurice Tillet (#210), Minoru Suzuki (#300), William Muldoon (#309), Billy Sandow (#318), Frank Sexton (#323), Penny Banner (#328), Tom Jenkins (#334), Jackie Sato (#340), Tyson Kidd (#342), Hiroshi Hase (#343), Evan Lewis (#345), Earl Caddock (#347), Phil Zacko (#350), Negro Casas (#351), The Duseks (#356), Ultimo Guerrero (#359), Rayo De Jalisco (#366), Kintaro Ohki (#369), Wladek Zbyszko (#372), Devil Masami (#375), El Satanico (#381), Gene Stanlee (#383), Lizmark (#384), Paco Alonso (#385), Kay Noble (#388), Bart Gunn (#389), Tracy Smothers (#390), Lord Littlebrook (#391), Gene LeBell (#392), The Warlord (#393), Spike Dudley (#394), Masakatsu Funaki (#395), Joe Savoldi (#396), Gladys Gillem (#397), Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker (#398), Nick Patrick (#399) and Ricki Starr (#400).  

The other component that we look at is your votes and comments.  This helps us move up or down our existing ranked former wrestlers.  

The new complete list can be found here.

The intent is for us to keep this list at a firm 400 going forward.

We here at would like to thank you all for your support and we ask you to keep voting and offering your comments!

The New World Order named to the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2020

This was early.

We haven’t gotten to the Royal Rumble yet, and it has been announced that the New World Order will be entering the WWE Hall of Fame.  The announcement came from ESPN.  The Hall of Fame ceremony will take place on April 2, 2020, as part of the Wrestlemania 36 weekend. 

While there were many members of the NWO, only Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan and Syxx (Sean Waltman) will be inducted.

The New World Order angle tipped the ratings war in favor of World Championship Wrestling for nearly two years. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash appeared on WCW television as “invaders” and at the 1996 Bash at the Beach Pay Per View, Hulk Hogan joined them and turned heel.  That night, he declared his group as the “New World Order”, and it was the hottest angle that wrestling had seen in years.  Sean Waltman, who had wrestled as the 1-2-3 Kid in the WWE, joined as the sixth member of the group (Syxx). 

The four chosen members of the New World Order have already been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.  Hogan entered in 2005, Hall (as Razor Ramon) in 2014, Nash in 2015, and Waltman as a member of D-Generation-X last year.  They join Ric Flair, Bret Hart and Booker T as two-time WWE Hall of Fame inductees.

At different times, the New World Order had The Giant (The Big Show), Ted DiBiase (inducted in 2010), Vincent (Virgil), NWO Sting, Elizabeth, Eric Bischoff, Buff Bagwell, Michael Wallstreet (Mike Rotundo), Bubba Rogers (The Big Boss Man, inducted posthumously in 2016), Scott Norton, Randy Savage (inducted posthumously in 2015), Konnan, Curt Hennig (inducted posthumously in 2007), Rick Rude (inducted posthumously in 2017), Louie Spicolli, Dusty Rhodes (inducted in 2007), Brian Adams, Scott Steiner, The Disciple (inducted as Brutus Beefcake in 2019), Stevie Ray (inducted with Booker T as Harlem Heat in 2019), Horace Hogan, Lex Luger, Sting (inducted in 2016), The Disco Inferno, Bret Hart (Inducted in 2006 and again in 2019 with Jim Neidhart in the Hart Foundation), Jeff Jarrett (inducted in 2018), The Harris Twins, Booker T (inducted in 2011 and again in 2019 with Stevie Ray in Harlem Heat), and Shawn Michaels (inducted in 2011 and again in 2019 with D-Generation X)

It is unlikely that any of those other members of the New World Order will be added.

The group extended into two factions (black and white & NWO Wolfpack), Japan and was reincarnated in the WWE.

 We here at would like to extend our congratulations to the four members of the New World order for this impending induction.

Batista named to the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2020

Less than an hour ago, it was announced that the New World Order (Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman) will be entering the WWE Hall of Fame.  It has how been announced that Dave Bautista will be joining them in the Hall. 

Dave Bautista cut his teeth in the WWE farm promotion, Ohio Valley Wrestling as “Leviathan”, and the 300 pound behemoth would be brought up shortly as “Deacon Batista”, the henchman of D-Von Dudley when he was doing his reverend gimmick.  That didn’t last, and he was moved to the RAW brand and placed in a faction with Triple H, Ric Flair and Randy Orton.  As his wins piled up, his momentum shot up, and he was placed in a program against his mentor, Triple H, who he defeated in the main event of Wrestlemania 21 for the first of what would be six World Heavyweight Championships. 

Batista left in 2010 to pursue an acting career, and he came back in 2014, winning the Royal Rumble, but he would not stay long.  He returned to acting, and became very successful, most notably as Drax the Destroyer in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Batista made one last comeback, and lost to Triple H at Wrestlemania 35

The Hall of Fame ceremony will take place on April 2, 2020, as part of the Wrestlemania 36 weekend.

Batista was ranked #9 on our latest list of those to consider for the WWE Hall of Fame.  He will be removed when we do our revisions in April.

We here at would like to extend our congratulations to Dave Bautista for his impending induction.

RIP: Rocky Johnson

It was announced today that WWE Hall of Famer, Rocky Johnson, passed away today at the age of 75.  

Born Wayde Bowles in Amherst, Nova Scotia, Johnson was a natural athlete who had initially trained to be a boxer.  While he once sparred with Muhammad Ali and George Foreman, his true calling was professional wrestling, which he began in 1964.  

Taking on the name of (which he would also legally change his name to) of Rocky Johnson, he would wrestled across North America, breaking out in 1970, when he won the NWA Americas Heavyweight Championship in Los Angeles.  Throughout the 1970s, he performed for various NWA promotions.  In 1971, he wrestled in San Francisco, where he was their United States Champion and later four-time Tag Team Champion, three of those reigns held alongside Pat Patterson.  “The Soulman” would also win other major singles titles in the United States, among which were the NWA Georgia Heavyweight (1974), NWA Florida Heavyweight (1975), NWA Texas Heavyweight (1976), and NWA Mid-America Southern Heavyweight (1976).

In the early 80s, a run in Mid-Atlantic would precede the WWF, where he teamed with Tony Atlas to defeat the Wild Samoans for the Tag Team Championship.  He would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2008, and prior to that his last major appearance for the company was appearing from the crowd to help his son (Rocky Maivia) at Wrestlemania 13.

In his personal life, he married Ata Maivia, the daughter of “High Chief” Peter Maivia, and the oldest member of the famed Samoan wrestling clan.  They had a son, Dwayne Johnson, who followed in his father’s footsteps in wrestling, becoming “The Rock”.  

We here at would like to extend our condolences to the fans, friends and family of Rocky Johnson at this time.  

The British Bulldog to the WWE Hall of Fame

Normally we wait until it is confirmed by the WWE, but when it is reported by Dave Meltzer of, we tend it believe that this is will come to fruition.  On his recent Wrestling Observer Radio show, Meltzer said that the late Davey Boy Smith will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame for the Class of 2021. 

From England, Smith would cut his teeth in Stu Hart’s Stampede Wrestling and Japan in the late 70s and early 80s.  Smith and his regular tag team partner, The Dynamite Kid, were brought into the WWF in early 1984, and the British Bulldogs would take their innovate style made everyone take notice.  At Wrestlemania 2, the Bulldogs would win the WWF Tag Team Championship over the Dream Team (Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake).  The reign was cut short, as Dynamite suffered a severe back injury in December of 1996 in Hamilton, Ontario.  The Bulldogs would promptly lose the tag titles to the Hart Foundation (Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart) the following month.  Dynamite would recover (though was never the same) and they Bulldogs would continue to work for the WWF until November of 1988 after asking for their release.

The Bulldogs would again work in Calgary and Japan, but after two years, the relationship between Smith and Dynamite deteriorated, and without telling him, Smith returned to the WWF alone as the British Bulldog.  Smith would become an upper-card babyface, and his popularity in Britain and Europe skyrocketed.

At SummerSlam 1992 in Wembley Stadium in London, Smith pinned Bret Hart in the main event to win the Intercontinental Championship.  He held that strap for three months until he was pinned by Shawn Michaels.  Behind the scenes, along with the Ultimate Warrior, he was fired for obtaining HGH.

Smith went to WCW which was brief, but he was involved in the high end of the card.  He came back to the WWF at Summer Slam 1994, assisting Bret against his brother Owen, and he would later team with Lex Luger as the Allied Powers. Luger left for WCW, and Smith turned heel and would challenge Diesel and later Bret Hart for the WWF World Heavyweight Title.  Smith would become part of Jim Cornette’s stable, and later the new Hart Foundation. When Bret left the WWF after the infamous Montreal Screwjob, Smith and Niedhart followed, bit it was a mess for the latter two.

Smith barely reached the lower mid-card in WCW, and his back was destroyed when he landed on a trap door (used for the Ultimate Warrior), and he was never the same again.  He was released shortly after.

After WCW, he went back to the WWF in September of 1999, but this run was not particularly good.  Smith was not in the best shape, and he with the exception of a six-pack challenge match for the WWF World Heavyweight Title Match at the Unforgiven PPV, he was used in a lower-card heel role.  He left the WWF in May of 2000.

Smith passed away at the age of 39, after suffering from a heart attack.  He was planning for a comeback in wrestling, and had appeared in independent shows tagging with his son, Harry.

In our latest WWE ranking, Smith was ranked at #10. After Wrestlemania, we will begin work to revise our WWE Ranking.

We here at would like to congratulate the family of Davey Boy Smith at this time.



Bret Hart to induct Davey Boy Smith to the WWE HOF

While this hasn’t been confirmed by the WWE, it was reported by that Bret “Hit Man” Hart will be the one who will be inducting the British Bulldog into the WWE Hall of Fame this year.

At one time, Bret and Davey were brothers-in-law, as Smith married Bret’s sister, Diana.  The two worked together often in Stampede Wrestling in Calgary, and when they arrived in the WWF together in the mid-80’s they wrestled against each other often in their respective tag teams, The Hart Foundation and the British Bulldogs.

By the early 90s, both Hart and Smith were singles wrestlers and at Summer Slam 1992, Smith defeated Hart for the Intercontinental Title in the main event at Wembley Stadium.  The two would later feud over the WWF World Heavyweight Title in the mid-90s, and would be part of the new Hart Foundation stable in 1997.

When Hart left the WWF following the Montreal Screwjob, Smith followed him to WCW.  Smith passed away in 2002 following a heartattack.

At last year’s ceremony, Hart was inducted for a second time as one half of the Hart Foundation tag team, with the late Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart.  During his acceptance speech, a crazed fan charged the ring and tackled Hart.  Many of the wrestlers in attendance quickly took out the attacker.  We are thrilled that this did not deter Hart from returning back to the ceremony.

As always, we will be watching!

JBL to the WWE Hall of Fame

Last night on WWE Backstage, it was announced that John Bradshaw Layfield will be entering the WWE Hall of Fame this year.

After beginning his wresting career in 1992, Layfield signed with the WWE in 1995 as Justin “Hawk” Bradshaw, where the Texan was in full cowboy gimmick similar to Stan Hansen.  The character would see television time, but it was a lower-card gimmick that did nothing more than have a forgettable feud with Savio Vega.  

In early 1997, Bradshaw became “Blackjack Bradshaw” and formed the new Blackjacks with Barry Windham.  The team went nowhere, and Bradshaw would be a single again, though this time as a babyface.  He switched back to being a heel, this time forming a tag team with Faarooq and being part of the Undertaker’s Ministry of Darkness stable.  This was a winning tag team, and the Acolytes (their team name) would win the WWF World Tag Team Titles in May of 1999.  

Faarooq and Bradshaw stayed together for four years, and following the Undertaker’s sabbatical due to injury, the tandem became fan favorites as they morphed into cigar-shopping, beer-swilling, poker-playing tough guys for hire.  The fans responded, and they would win the tag titles two more times.  The tag team was broken up during the 2002 brand split, and Bradshaw was a mid-card face, who would win the Hardcore Title, but they were reunited a year later on the Smackdown brand.  

Around this time, Bradshaw became known for his investments, and would even have a book come out about it. The team would break up for good when Faarooq was put out to pasture by the WWE as an on-screen character, and Bradshaw would don a new character, that of John Bradshaw Layfield, a J.R. Ewing type of rich Texan.  It cliqued, and he would feud with Eddie Guerrero, and win the WWE Championship from him that year.  JBL would have his own stable, The Cabinet, and he would hold the title until he lost it to John Cena at Wrestlemania 21.  

JBL would remain near the top of the card, and at Wrestlemania 22, he defeated Chris Benoit for the United States Title.  He held that for a few months, and took time off away from the ring to be a commentator, and let injuries pile up.  He came back in 2007 and after more high-profile feuds, he would win the Intercontinental Championship and lost it to Rey Mysterio at Wrestlemania XXV.  He retired that day.  

He would go on to commentate for years after that, and would also develop philanthropic work in his new home in Bermuda. He would induct Ron Simmons into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012.

At present, the New World Order (Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, and X-Pac), Dave Bautista and The Bella Twins have been confirmed for the Hall of Fame.  Davey Boy Smith was reported by the Wrestling Observer as also being inducted, but that has not been confirmed by the WWE Hall of Fame.

We will be revising our Notinhalloffame WWE list of those to consider for the Hall after Wrestlemaia.  For reference, JBL was ranked 29 on our latest list.

We here at would like to congratulate JBL for his impending induction to the WWE Hall of Fame.

Jushin "Thunder" Liger to be inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame

With all of the Hall of Fame related news being about the physical buildings shutting down, it is nice to talk about something else for a change.

In an interview with Tokyo Sports, Jushin “Thunder” Liger said that he will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.  This was confirmed by the WWE later today.

Born Keiichi Yamada, Liger made his debut in 1984, and after wrestling around the world, he took on the Liger persona in 1989.  Immediately, he took over the Junior Heavyweight division, and was renowned for his innovative high-flying style.

Liger would win the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title eleven times, and would also with the unifying J-Crown in 1996.  Tournament wise, he won the Best of the Super Juniors three times. North American fans were treated to Liger in WCW, where he won the Light Heavyweight Title from Brian Pillman.

He officially retired from wrestling at this year’s Wrestle Kingdom show at the Tokyo Dome.

In the WWE umbrella, Liger only wrestled once.  He beat Tyler Breeze at one of their Takeover shows in 2015.

In our last update of the Notinhalloffame WWE list, Liger was ranked 28 of those to consider for the WWE Hall of Fame.

We will be revising out list after Wrestlemania (if it happens).

We here at would like to congratulate Liger for obtaining this honor.

Martha Hart discusses Owen Hart and the WWE HOF

With Vice’s Dark Side of the Ring episode on the death of Owen Hart set to premiere tomorrow, Owen’s widow, Martha has been doing her media rounds. In an excellent interview with CBS Sports, she was asked about the possibility of Owen entering the WWE Hall of Fame, a hope that many WWE fans have been clamoring for.  She had this to say:

“There's always been this talk that, 'Oh, we want to put Owen in the Hall of Fame. "Their Hall of Fame? They don't even have a Hallway of Fame. It doesn't exist. There's nothing. It's a fake entity. There's nothing real or tangible. It's just an event they have to make money. They put it on TV and have a celebration, and it's just so ridiculous. I would never even entertain it. It's garbage.”

Hart is correct in that there is no physical building, and there are no plans at present to create one.  There are no set criteria for entry, and it is largely believed that Hall of Fame induction is based on the whims of their owner, Vince McMahon.  Her opinion is not hers alone, as wrestlers such as Scott Steiner has echoed similar sentiment.

Most WWE wrestlers past and present are open about their desire to be inducted, and it was not that long ago that Mick Foley lobbied hard for Vader to be enshrined before he passed away.  In his impassioned plea, he mentioned how much Vader himself wanted it to happen.  Mark Henry openly pleaded for Martha to allow it to happen, and Owen’s older brother Bret also believes he should be inducted.

Owen is currently ranked #7 on our Notinhalloffame WWE List, and when we first put up the list we knew Owen was not likely to ever get in. That seems like an impossibility now.

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