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13. Joe Johnson

An All Star for six of seven seasons as an Atlanta Hawk, Joe Johnson was the main star of the organization.  Signing on as a Free Agent, Johnson strung together five consecutive seasons scoring over 20 Points per Game with his sweet shooters touch.  While he was not able to take Atlanta deep into the playoffs, he did lead them there multiple times.  At one time, Johnson was the highest paid player n the NBA and he is a former All-NBA Third Team Selection. 

37. Joe Johnson

The ranking of Joe Johnson was a struggle for us as prior to his arrival to the Nets he was a six-time All-Star with the Atlanta Hawks.  The Nets gave a lot to get the Shooting Guard but it may not have panned out overall.  That being said, as a Brooklyn Net he was named to his seventh and final All-Star Game in 2014 and averaged 14.7 Points per Game overall as a Net, which was a good number but way lower than his numbers with Atlanta.  Johnson’s advanced metrics were poor with a 13.8 PER in Brooklyn, which really states his overall game and decline in the state of New York.

Joe Johnson and four others added to our 2022 Basketball Futures Section

It is onward and upward for us at as we have updated one of our sections, that of the Basketball Hall of Fame Futures for 2022.  

This is the group of former players who will be eligible for the Hall for the first time in 2022, and we have had this up for two years, however we have now new entries that are now available for your votes and comments.

They are: 

Jameer Nelson:  Nelson was an All-American at St. Joseph’s and he would later be an NBA All-Star in 2009.

Joe Johnson:  Johnson played most of his career with the Atlanta Hawks, and he was a seven-time All-Star as well as a Third Team All-NBA Selection in 009/10.

Josh Smith:  Smith was Second Team All-Defensive choice in 2009/10.

Tony Allen:  Allen was a champion with the Boston Celtics in 2008 and a three-time First Team All-Defensive player.

Zach Randolph:  Randolph was a two-time NBA All-Star and in 2010/11 he was named a Third Team All-NBA Selection:  

They join David WestManu Ginobili, and Richard Jefferson.

You know what we want you to do!

Take a. look and cast your votes and offer your opinions.

As always, we thank you for your support.

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