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2. Al Kaline

While Al Kaline was not named the greatest Detroit Tiger of all-time, Al Kaline was the player who would be referred to as “Mr. Tiger”.

Our Top 50 Detroit Tigers have been revised

As we continue or slow process of ranking the all-time Top 50 of each major North American franchise, we also have to constantly update the ones we already have. The one that we have done this time is revising the Detroit Tigers up to accomplishments up to the end of 2016 season.

In this particular case, we did not just adjust everything based on what transpired in 2015. The way in which we determine our baseball lists are as follows:

  1. Sabremetric tallies while with that team, mostly WAR.
  1. Traditional metrics and how they finished in their respective league overall.
  1. Playoff accomplishment.
  1. Their overall impact on the team and other intangibles not reflected in a stat sheet.
Remember, this is ONLY based on what a player does on that particular team and not what he accomplished elsewhere and also note that we have placed an increased importance on the first two categories.

This has resulted in a significant shift in the overall Top 50 of the Tigers and many new entries that had not been listed previously.

The revised list can be found here.

RIP: Al Kaline

The world of Baseball lost a legend today as it was announced that Al Kaline passed away today at the age of 85.  The cause of death was not disclosed.

The Outfielder debuted in 1953 as a teenager, and he would play a total of 22 seasons in the Majors, all of which were with the Detroit Tigers.  Kaline would become a star quickly, going to the All-Star Game in 15 of his seasons, and finishing in the top ten in MVP voting nine times.  His other accolades included winning the 1955 Batting Titles, ten Gold Gloves, and he would help Detroit win the 1968 World Series.

He retired after the 1974 season, one Home Run shy of 400. While he could have likely played another season, he had reached the 3,000 Hit mark late that year, finishing with 3,007 total.

After his career was over, he remained with the Tigers in some capacity until he died.  He served as their color commentator from 1975 to 2002, and he would be a Special Assistant to the President afterward.  With an over six-decade association with the club, could there be anyone else could possibly be called “Mr. Tiger”?

Kaline was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1980, which was his first year of eligibility.  

We here at would like to extend our condolences to the friends and family of Al Kaline.  

Is Ichiro Suzuki the Real Mr. 3000?

On October 6, 2015, the Miami Marlins reported that they had re-signed Ichiro Suzuki to a one-year, $2 million contract for the 2016 season. The 41-year-old outfielder, the most successful Japanese player in Major League Baseball history, is just 65 hits shy of the vaunted 3000-hit plateau, a baseball hallmark that generally results in a Baseball Hall of Fame induction for those hitters who have reached it unless you've run afoul of baseball's proscriptions against gambling (see: Rose, Pete) or performance-enhancing drugs (see: Palmeiro, Rafael).
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