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#29. Rajon Rondo, Free Agent

Rondo's Elite Period is well in his rear-view mirror, but he was already an NBA Champion when he was with the Celtics.   It also needs to be reiterated how much he helped them win that title.  Rondo won another with the Lakers two years go, which helps his cause, albeit in a secondary capacity.   It also should be discussed that in terms of traditional stats, Rondo is a three-time Assists Champion and one-time Steals Champion, but he does not scream Springfield.  A third title, even if he is deep on the bench could put him over, but for that to hapen, he has to find work, as he is currently a Free Agent.  Pre-2019-20 Rank: #24, Pre-2020-21 Rank: #24, Pre-2021-22 Rank: #25

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