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4. Jose Altuve

The Houston Astros would become one of the elite teams in Major League Baseball in the 2010s and the biggest reason was because of the small in stature yet hug in talent, Jose Altuve.

Altuve would become an All-Star in 2012 and secured himself as a bona fide hitting machine.  After an "off-season" in 2013, he was an All-Star again in 2014 and went on an incredible hitting tear where he not only exceeded the 200 Hit mark but would lead the American League in that statistic.  Altuve would win the Batting Title three times in that time frame and more importantly in 2017 he would win the MVP and lead the Astros to the World Series Title.  

Altuve is still with Houston a of this writing and could become the greatest Astro ever if he continues at this pace.

Our All-Time Top 50 Houston Astros have been revised

Yes, we know that this is taking a while!

As many of you know, we here at are slowly generating the 50 of each major North American sports team.  That being said, we have existing Top 50 lists out and we always consistently look to update them when we can and based on necessity.  As such, we are very happy to present the second revision of our top 50 Houston Astros of all-time.

As for all of our top 50 players in baseball we look at the following: 

1.  Advanced Statistics.

2. Traditional statistics and how they finished in their respective League.

3. Playoff accomplishments.

4. Their overall impact on the team and other intangibles not reflected in a stat sheet.

This is the first time that we have revised this since 2018, and it has led to a few minor changes, one of which affecting the top five.

Remember, this is ONLY based on what a player does on that particular team and not what he accomplished elsewhere and also note that we have placed an increased importance on the first two categories, which has altered the rankings considerably.

This list is updated up until the end of the 2019 Season.

The complete list can be found herebut as always we announce our top five in this article.  They are:

1. Jeff Bagwell

2. Craig Biggio 

3. Lance Berkman

4. Jose Altuve

5. Cesar Cedeno

The top three remain the same with the “Killer B’s” of Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio and Lance Berkman.  Jose Altuve moved up one spot from #5 to 4, switching places with Cesar Cedeno.

Based on the 2019 season, we have had additional rank improvements.

George Springer moved from #27 to #19.  Alex Bregman rockets from #48 to #21.

Gerrit Cole, who won the Cy Young last year debuts at #27, but since he signed with the New York Yankees, he won’t climb any higher.

We welcome your input and commentsand as always, we thank you for your support.

Awards = HOF? Part Twenty-Five: Gold Glove Second Base

We here at thought it would be fun to take a look at the major awards in North American team sports and see how it translates into Hall of Fame potential.

Needless to say, different awards in different sports yield hall of fame potential.  In basketball, the team sport with the least amount of players on a roster, the dividend for greatness much higher.  In baseball, it is not as much as a great individual season does not have the same impact.

We are now taking a look at the Gold Glove Award, given annually to the best defensive player in MLB in each respective position.
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