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1. Bobby Orr

There have been a lot of great players who have worn the large “B” on there chest, many of whom can be called legends.

But there is only one Bobby Orr.

2. Eddie Shore

Eddie Shore was feared.  He was feared because he was tough as nails and could (and would) physically intimidate anybody.  He was also feared because he was talented and knew exactly what to do on the ice and what to do with the puck.  Shore was the first major star in Boston and this was the man that started the tradition of stellar blueliners in Beantown.  

3. Ray Bourque

This was really hard.  

Ray Bourque was one of the best defenceman of his time, and it was a long time!  Bourque played the most games in Bruins history, has the most Points in Bruins history and leads the franchise in many more statistical categories.  

31. Peter McNab

A small fraction away from being a Point per Game player as a Boston Bruin, Peter McNab was a good scorer who was known for his accurate shot and excellent stick handling.  McNab was far from the best skater on the ice, but he had a high hockey I.Q. and knew where to position himself to optimize his scoring chances.  He was an All Star once in 1977.

The Top 50 Boston Bruins of All Time are here!

Regular visitors know that we have been (slowly but surely) working on the Top 50 North American Franchises of all-time.  We have given you the Top 50 Charlotte Hornets and Baltimore Ravens.  It is now time for our first NHL franchise, the Original Six franchise, The Boston Bruins.

Note that while the NHL season is under way, this list reflects accomplishments up until the end of the 2014-15 Season.

This list, and all hockey lists are based on traditional metrics, advanced metrics, length of service, popularity and post season performance and accolades.

The complete list can be found here, but for those who are curious immediately as to who the top five are, we’ll grant that immediately:

1. Bobby Orr.

2. Eddie Shore.

3. Ray Bourque.

4. Phil Esposito.

5. Milt Schmidt.

We look forward to your comments on this list and it will be updated annually.

Up next will be the Buffalo Bills. 

Look for that in the upcoming weeks.

The Buffalo Bills will be the next franchise to be looked at next and as always we here at would like to thank you for your input!

RIP: Milt Schmidt

It is a very sad day for Hockey and the Boston Bruins specifically.

Milt Schmidt passed away today at the age of 98. 

Joining the Boston Bruins in the 1936-37 season, Schmidt would soon center the “Kraut Line”, with his fellow junior teammates, Woody Dumart and Bobby Bauer.  This would become one of the most explosive lines in the game, and would lead the Bruins to Stanley Cup wins in 1939 and 1941.  Schmidt would lead the NHL in Assists and Points title in 1939-40 and would earn his first First Team NHL All Star Selection. 

Like many players, Schmidt would leave the NHL to serve his country in World War II.  He would return for the 1945-46 season and return to elite form.  Schmidt would earn two more First Team All NHL Selections and in the 1951-52 season would win the coveted Hart Trophy.

Milt Schmidt never played professionally for any other team and would retire with 575 Points.  Following his playing career, Milt Schmidt would begin coaching the Bruins, a role he would have for eleven seasons.  He would leave that capacity with a losing record, but did find more success as a General Manager orchestrating a super trade that brought Phil Esposito and Ken Hodge to the Bruins, who combined with Bobby Orr would bring the Stanley Cup back to Boston 1970 and 1972.

Schmidt would leave the Bruins to become the General Manager of the expansion Washington Capitals, though he would be fired soon after as the team was not very good.

Milt Schmidt would enter the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1961 and would have his number retired by the Boston Bruins in 1980.

We here at would like to offer our condolences to the friends and family of Milt Schmidt at this time.

The Boston Bruins to retire Rick Middleton's number

As most of the regular visitors to are aware we are (very) slowly putting together our top 50 players of every franchise in the “Big 4” of North American sports. After that is completed we will take a look at how each organization honors their past players and executives.

As such, it is important to us that the Boston Bruins have announced that they will retire the number 16 of Rick Middleton on November 29 during their home game against the New York Islanders.

Middleton is the 11th player in the history of the Boston Bruins to have his jersey retired. He joins Lionel Hitchman, Aubrey Clapper, Eddie Shore, Milt Schmidt, Bobby Orr, John Bucyk, Phil Esposito, Ray Bourque, Terry O’Reilly and Cam Neely.

After playing his first two seasons with the New York Rangers, “Nifty” was traded to Boston where he instantly became a fan favorite. He would play twelve seasons in Boston where he was Point per Game player scoring 898 Points in 881 Games Played. Five times he was a forty Goal scorer, including the 1981-82 season where he put the puck in the net 51 times. That season he was a Second Team All Star and was named a Lady Byng Trophy winner. He was also a three time All Star.

We here at would like to congratulate Rick Middleton for earning this prestigious honor.

The Boston Bruins retired Rick Middleton's Number

As most of the regular visitors to are aware we are (very) slowly putting together our top 50 players of every franchise in the “Big 4” of North American sports. After that is completed we will take a look at how each organization honors their past players and executives.

As such, it is important to note that last night the Boston Bruins retired the #16 of former forward, Rick Middleton.

After playing his first two seasons in the NHL for the New York Rangers, “Nifty” was traded to Boston prior to the 1976-77 season and it proved fruitful for the Bruins. In the 1979-80 season, Middleton would begin a five season streak of 40 Goals, which included a career high of 51 n the 1981-82 campaign. That season he would be named a Second Team All Star as well as winning the Lady Byng Trophy. Middleton would represent the Bruins in three All Star Games and also had a pair of 100 Point seasons. His overall statistical contribution to Boston would see the Right Wing score 402 Goals, 496 Assists and 898 Points.

Middleton becomes the 11th player to have his number retired. He joins Eddie Shore #2, Lionel Hitchman #3, Bobby Orr #4, Dit Clapper #5, Phil Esposito #7, Can Neely #8, John Bucyk #9, Milt Schmidt #15, Terry O’Reilly #24 and Ray Bourque #77.

We here at would like to congratulate Rick Middleton for earning this very prestigious honor.

Our All-Time Top 50 Boston Bruins have been revised

Yes, we know that this is taking a while!

As many of you know, we here at are slowly generating the 50 of each major North American sports team.  That being said, we have existing Top 50 lists out and we always consistently look to update them when we can and based on necessity. As such, we are very happy to present the third revision of our top 50 Boston Bruins of all-time.

As for all of our top 50 players in hockey we look at the following: 

1.  Advanced Statistics.

2.  Traditional statistics and how they finished in the National Hockey League. 

3. Playoff accomplishments.

4. Their overall impact on the team and other intangibles not reflected in a stat sheet.

This is the second revision, and our first in two years.

The complete list can be found here, but as always we announce our top five in this article.  They are:

1. Bobby Orr

2. Eddie Shore

3. Ray Bourque

4. Phil Esposito

5. Milt Schmidt

The top five remains unaltered from our initial rank but there are some significant jumps and three new entries.

Zdeno Chara cracks the top ten, moving from #11 to #9.  Goalie, Tuukka Rask moves from #36 to #30.

The three new ranked players are Brad Marchand (#32), David Pastrnak (#38) and Torey Krug (#42).

We admit to erring that Marchand should have been ranked three years ago.

We welcome your input and commentsand as always, we thank you for your support.

The Boston Bruins to retire Willie O'Ree's number next month.

The Boston Bruins announced today that they will be inducting the number 22 of Willie O’Ree, who made history over six decades ago as the first black player in the NHL.  O’Ree, 85, was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in the Builder’s Category in 2018.

The event will take place on February 18, during their home game against the New Jersey Devils.

O’Ree made history when he was called up for two Games in 1958 for the Bruins, and he came back for 43 Games in the 1960-61 campaign.  He scored 15 Points over his NHL career, but played pro hockey for 21 years.

We here at would like to congratulate Willie O’Ree for earning this honor.  

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