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20. Sam Mills

Sam Mills signed with the expansion Carolina Panthers after spending his first nine seasons with the New Orleans Saints.  Mills was one of the best defensive players ever for the Saints, but his reputation has been appropriated by Carolina, where he was instantly their defensive leader.  He played for the Panthers for three seasons where he started all 48 of his games, making him the only Panther to start every game in the first three seasons of Carolina’s existence.  Mills would have a career renaissance in 1996 where he would go to his 5th Pro Bowl and would be chosen for his first and only First Team All-Pro.  He would have seven Interceptions and 10 Quarterback Sacks as a Panther.

48. Sam Mills

Often in boxing, stellar lighter weight boxers are referred to as the “greatest fighter pound for pound”.  If there was a case to be made for that designation for linebackers, it is possible that it would go to Sam Mills.
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