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Billy Clyde Puckett

Billy CLyde Puckett
On the one hand, we loved 1970’s Burt Reynolds and his slimy, yet undisputable charm. We also love the name “Billy Clyde Puckett” as one of the all-time greatest sports character names. On the other hand, the common criticism for Semi-Tough is that for a movie that looks like it is about Football; it really isn’t. Rather it is a love triangle set on the backdrop of a gridiron with a spoof on New Age thinking (which doesn’t exactly age well). We’ll say this, Reynolds got the girl in the end, so….victory for the Bandit?

The Bullet Points:
Movie Appeared:
Semi-Tough (1977)

Burt Reynolds

Position Portrayed:
Running Back

Played for:
Miami Bucks

Why you should vote for him:
Burt Reynolds is practically a god for this Hall of Fame.

Why you should not vote for him:
Like we said, for a football film, there was not a lot of football in it.

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