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6. Jermaine O'Neal

The Indiana Pacers fanbase were scratching their heads when their team traded for Jermaine O'Neal and gave up Dale Davis to get him.  O'Neal had been in the NBA for four years and only started 18 Games for Portland, averaging only 11.5 Minutes per Game, so why would they trade for him?

Here's why.

The 2020 Basketball Futures are up

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It was not that long ago that we revamped our Basketball section and named Allen Iverson as our new number one player who should be considered for the Basketball Hall of Fame.  Following this, we endeavored to work on our futures section and update them accordingly.

As such, we are pleased to present to you the men who are now part of our updated Basketball Futures Section who will be eligible in 2020

Antawn Jamison, a star at UNC and a two time NBA All Star as well as a former Sixth Man of the Year.

Chauncey Billups, who was the leader of the shocking 2004 Detroit Pistons Championship win and the MVP of that series.

Jermaine O’Neal, a six time All Star and three time post season All NBA selection.

Josh Howard, a one time NBA All Star. 

Rashard Lewis, a two time NBA All Star and NBA Champion with the Miami Heat in 2013.

Ray Allen, one of the sweetest shooters of all time who holds the three point record in the NBA.

Steve Nash, the Canadian who is a two time National Basketball Association MVP. 

World Metta Peace, the former Ron Artest and one time NBA Defensive Player of the Year.

We think you know what we want you to do!

Take a look at this group of basketball players who will be eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2020 and let us know if any of them Hall of Famers.

70. Jermaine O'Neal

It was easy to forget just how good Jermaine O’Neal was. Seemingly always in someone’s shadow, O’Neal quietly went to six consecutive All-Star Games as a member of the Indiana Pacers. Drafted right out of high school by Portland, O’Neal’s best run was certainly in Indiana where he was known for his blocking and would generate four consecutive twenty Points per Game campaigns.
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