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20. Dennis Rodman

On every best-of list for a team, there is one that is one player that seems impossible to rank.  For the Chicago Bulls, that is Dennis Rodman, who we have rated lower than most other publications have, though statistically, we can actually justify placing him five spots lower.

Kick Dennis Rodman out of the Hall of Fame?

While we are not sure if any petition from has ever worked, it is of interest to us that there is one to try and remove a member of the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame.

The non-profit Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation has started a petition to remove Dennis Rodman from the Hall following his praise and defense of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, who now has American blood on his hands”.  This is in reference to Otto Warmbier, who was held captive by North Korea for seventeen months and was returned in a coma.  He died on Monday.

To date, Rodman has made five visits to the isolated nation and has cited Kim Jong-un as a friend.  The group seeking Rodman’s removal from the Hall is citing the Halls rule that “a candidate may be removed if he or she has damaged the game of basketball.”

While Rodman has always been known to be a little eccentric it is unlikely that this action will result in his expulsion from Springfield.

13. Dennis Rodman

Those who saw him perform in the ring will never say they saw a talented in ring performer, but when Dennis Rodman competed for WCW he did so at a time when he was among the most known Basketball players in the world.  His association with the New World Order angle brought more mainstream attention to wrestling and helped to spike the buy rate of a major Pay Per View.

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