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June 12 Update: Notinhalloffame MLB Cup Standings.

It is with great pleasure that we continue the third annual Notinhalloffame MLB Regular Season Cup, and let us explain how this works:

With every single regular season game, we anointed the best five players in the game with descending points, 5-4-3-2-1.

We knew the following:

-       The top players for the MLB NIHOF Cup are not always the best in the league, as injuries keep players out of games, and a premium on staying healthy can help pile up points. It also does not hurt to be a top player on an average or mediocre team, as they can amass Cup points easier that elite players on loaded squads.

-       In Baseball, it is more common than in Basketball and Hockey for a player to accrue points with a single Home Run in a game, and overall favors position players. Starting Pitchers have a hard time with approximately 30-35 Starts and throwing less innings than in previous generations. This also is true for closers, which is not made for this process.

-       Please remember, that this is NOT necessarily who we think were the best players this year, and does not reflect overall consistency. Treat this the way did, as a fun process and more of a compilation of temporary statistical domination.

At present 827 (up from 796 last week) Players have generated at least one Cup Point.

So, MLB players! Get your agents to work winning this into your contracts!

This is the sixth update, with standings as of the morning of June 12.

1. Shohei Ohtani: Los Angeles Angels, Designated Hitter & Pitcher: (Ranked #1 last week)

98 Cup Points, 65 Games, 1.51 Cup Points per Game, 18 Home Runs, 46 Runs Batted In, 9 SB, .287/.359/.571, 3.5 bWAR & 5-2, 3.32 ERA, 102 SO, 1.039 WHIP.

The Notinhalloffame Cup is built for Ohtani, who can compile points in two different avenues; the only one who can do so. After a flat week, Ohtani exploded offensively and is off to his best pitching start, leading the AL in H/9 (8.9) and is second in Strikeouts (102). With his bat, Ohtani is second in the league in Home Runs (18), third in Slugging (.571) and fourth in OPS (.930). Ohtani is also leading the AL in Extra Base Hits (33).

2. Ronald Acuna: Atlanta Braves, Outfield: (Ranked #2 Last Week)

82 Cup Points, 65 Games, 1.26 Cup Points per Game, 13 Home Runs, 37 Runs Batted In, 28 SB, .331/.402/.563, 3.3 bWAR.

Acuna leads all National League batters in bWAR (3.3) and Stolen Bases (28) and is second in Runs Scored (56). He is in the top four in all three Slash Line components.

3. Juan Soto: San Diego Padres, Outfield: (Ranked #4, Last Week)

73 Cup Points, 65 Games, 1.12 Cup Points per Game, 10 Home Runs, 32 Runs Batted In, 6 SB, .258/.406/.462, 2.4 bWAR.

Soto is still the National League leader in Walks (56) and is fourth in OBP (.406). He is also sixth in OPS+ (146).

4 (TIE). Corbin Carroll: Arizona Diamondbacks, Outfield: (Not Ranked, Last Week)

72 Cup Points, 62 Games, 1.16 Cup Points per Game, 13 Home Runs, 33 Runs Batted In, 19 SB, .308/.389/.579, 3.1 bWAR.

Carroll is running away with the National League Rookie of the Year Award, and it is only June! At present, the young Outfielder is in the top seven in all Slash Line components and is second in Stolen Bases (19).

4 (TIE). Jorge Soler: Miami Marlins, Outfield & Designated Hitter: (#6, Last Week)

72 Cup Points, 62 Games, 1.16 Cup Points per Game, 19 Home Runs, 38 Runs Batted In, 1 SB, .258/.346/.559, 1.4 bWAR.

Soler is playing more and more at DH this year, but he is providing the Marlins incredible offense. He is second in NL Home Runs (19), fifth in Slugging (.559), and seventh in OPS (.905).

6. Rafael Devers: Boston Red Sox, Third Base: (Ranked #9 Last Week)

71 Cup Points, 57 Games, 1.07 Cup Points per Game, 15 Home Runs, 52 Runs Batted In, 0 SB, .247/.300/.494, 1.1 bWAR.

Devers reversed course and had his first rank increase in some time. He is currently third in the AL in RBIs (52) and fourth in Home Runs (15).

7. Aaron Judge: New York Yankees, Outfield: (Ranked #2, Last Week)

70 Cup Points, 49 Games, 1.43 Cup Points per Game, 19 Home Runs, 40 Runs Batted In, 3 SB, .291/.404/.674, 1.9 bWAR.

A toe injury kept Judge out of the lineup the last week, thus he tumpled four spots on the NIHOF Cup leaderboard. Last year’s NIHOF Cup winner and Home Run leader is still leading the AL in Slugging (.674), OPS (.674), OPS+ (192) and Home Runs (19).

8 (TIE). Marcus Semien: Texas Rangers, Shortstop: (Ranked #4, Last Week)

68 Cup Points, 64 Games, 1.06 Cup Points per Game, 9 Home Runs, 51 Runs Batted In, 7 SB, .296/.361/.5487, 3.2 bWAR.

Semien is having an outstanding 2023, though he is coming off a poor week. He is the current AL leader in Runs Scored (57) and is second in bWAR for Position Players (3.2).

9 (TIE). Yordan Alvarez: Houston Astros, Outfield & Designated Hitter: (Ranked #6 Last Week)

67 Cup Points, 57 Games, 1.07 Cup Points per Game, 17 Home Runs, 55 Runs Batted In, 0 SB, .277/.388/.589, 2.0 bWAR.

Alvarez is one the game’s best hitters and the current American League leader in RBIs (55). He is also in the top ten in OBP, Slugging, OPS, Home Runs, Walks and OPS+.

9 (TIE). Luis Arraez: Miami Marlins, Second Base: (#9, Last Week)

67 Cup Points, 54 Games, 1.06 Cup Points per Game, 1 Home Run, 29 Runs Batted In, 1 SB, .397/.447/.485, 2.8 bWAR.

Arraez is flirting with a .400 Batting Average and he is currently the National League leader in Hits (91), Batting Average (.397) and On Base Percentage (.447). He also has a very impressive Slugging Percentage (.485) for a player with only one Home Run.

Los Angeles’ (NL) Mookie Betts and New York’s (NL) Pete Alonso fell out of the top ten.

Our next update will be the afternoon of June 19.

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