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Rod Tidwell

Rod Tidwell
How about an Academy Award winning performance for the Hall? Cuba Gooding Jr, won the best Supporting Actor Award for his performance as Rod Tidwell, the braggadocios Wide Receiver who is Jerry Maguire’s lone client. Although, Maguire is often credited with the “Show me the Money” line, it was Tidwell who actually said it first.

Tidwell was comedic gold when showcasing his swagger, but Gooding Jr. was given probably the best role in his life, and gave the character a depth that allowed us to care about him personally. Tidwell’s gridiron play was featured prominently; especially on a featured Monday Night Football game where he caught a touchdown while appearing to suffer a serious injury. Rod Tidwell was ok, and we could easily argue that up until that point, that catch was the top moment in the history of the Arizona Cardinals.

It would get better for Arizona, though not for Cuba Gooding Jr.’s acting career. His roles got smaller, movie choices got worse and he joined that strange place where his name is a “Wait, he won an Oscar?” category that is flattering and demeaning at the same time. However, should we punish Rod Tidwell for “Radio” and “Snow Dogs”?  

The Bullet Points:
Movie Appeared:
Jerry Maguire (1996)

Cuba Gooding Jr.

Position Portrayed:
Wide Receiver

Played for:
Arizona Cardinals

Why you should vote for him:
This is a rare chance to award an Oscar performance in our Hall.

Why you should not vote for him:
Perhaps as penalty for every horrible career choice, Cuba Gooding Jr. made after this movie.




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