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5 Black Athletes Who Are in Favor of Gays in the Industry

Sexuality and athletics are inextricably linked. Throughout history, many black athletes have come out as gay or shown their support for gays. Their unapologetic commitment, courage, and commitment have made them social icons. They give much-needed visibility and voice to the members of the black gay community. A study by Magrath has shown that many active athletes who identify as gay are shown tremendous support and acceptance by society. Although we only know of a few black gay active athletes, there's a sea change of acceptance for black gays thanks to the increasing number of folks showing gay support in the industry.

1.   Wade Davis II

Wade Allan is a writer, speaker, activist, and former football player. Nine years after the end of his career, he came out as gay. Wade shared his fears of being out while still nurturing his football career. He was always cautious with his actions and words, worrying about his teammates ever finding out his orientation.

The perspective on the community changed within the industry since Wade retired from his career. Although acceptance by the community isn't at its peak, Wade is working hard to improve it. Davis believes that everyone is responsible for creating a gender-equal and equitable world. He started working within the NFL to create a safe environment for gay players, served as an LGBTQ surrogate for President Obama, and globally addressed matters surrounding sexual orientation in different capacities. Wade insists that who you date shouldn't matter in sports.

You can clearly see throughout the best black gay dating sites that his impact positively affected the black gay community. So many gays see Wade as a role model and inspirator. Thanks to his proactive stance, thousands of black football stans can now use dating sites and social media to come out as gay and proudly date other guys without fear of being judged.

2.   Seimone Augustus

Seimone is a real pioneer in basketball and was destined for greatness as a child. She realized her potential and abilities as a young lady in Minnesota. Before retiring in 2020, she had earned a legacy by winning three gold medals in one of basketball's greatest dynasties. She came out in 2012 and was supported by her family but not her community. That motivated her to become a vocal champion for LGBTQ rights and marriage equality in athletics. She speaks freely of her sexual orientation journey and openly expresses her support for gay stars.

She is a forward thinker and an outspoken and unsung activist in favor of the gay within the athletic industry. Working as an assistant coach in LA Sparks, she aims to create a safe space for LGBTQ players and lead them to find the solace and freedom they need.

3.   Jason Collins

Collins is a retired professional basketball player who came out as gay in 2013 while still active in the sport. For the 13 seasons he played in the NFL, he served as a center. The reception of his sexual orientation revelation was primarily positive, making him the face of a long-awaited gay movement in athletics sports. 

After retiring, he became a vocal LGBTQ equality advocate. He has inspired young gay players to embrace their sexuality and identity.

4.   Fallon Fox

Fox is a retired Martial Artist transgender fighter who knows what the rumors' focus is and what hearsay feels like. Fallon was born male but now lives as female. Although Fox is still transitioning, she is the first MMA fighter to come out as transgender. She was five when she first wore a dress, and it felt right. She tried keeping it a secret for years, but eventually, her truth came out. 

The sailing became less smooth with the bad reception by her parents. She has tried fighting her way through transgender rights and as a martial artist. It gave her the confidence to voice her support for gays and to participate in LGBTQ pride walks.

5.   John Amaechi

John is a British-American psychologist. He played in the NBA before retiring in 2007. After his retirement, he hit the headlines for coming out as gay. As an organizational psychologist, he inspires transformative change for gay clients. John is also a NY Best-selling author, a sought-after public speaker, an executive coach, and a CEO in favor of gays. He has recently inspired gay Premier League footballers to come out by helping them feel comfortable in who they are. 


Sports stars in any field want to be remembered for who they are and what they accomplished, not their sexual orientation. Although many players have chosen to live their truths, it does not make them deviant from any other straight player. In the past, identifying as gay in the sports world would be a huge risk to a career. The scene is slowly changing, with more LGBTQ supporters declaring their stand. We hope that in the future, many more gay athletes will come out publicly, and it will be more of the opening of floodgates compared to the current trickle. In the meantime, we have these inspiring examples that have helped many males to accept themselves, get involved in online dating websites for black singles, and enjoy their lives without looking back.

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