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Tim Lincecum

This one should be a little interesting.

There was a time when Tim Lincecum was considered the best Pitcher in the National League and rightfully so.  Dubbed “The Freak” due to his powerful arm despite having a slender frame, Linceum is one of the few hurlers to record back-to-back Cy Youngs (2008 & 2009) in a stretch where he would also lead the National League both seasons in Strikeouts, FIP and SO/9.   Lincecum would still receive Cy Young votes over the next two seasons but injuries would render him a fraction of what he was and realistically Lincecum was a player with two excellent seasons, two very good seasons, and a few horrible ones, the latter two of which was when he would become a three time World Series Champion.

Baseball Hall of Fame: Ballot Forecast 2021 to 2025

In a tumultuous year that was not normal for anything and everything including baseball, one thing that might be back to normal is voting for the Baseball Hall of Fame. Granted, the 2021 Baseball Hall of Fame ballot has 14 returning candidates, with just about every one of them owning cases for induction that range from borderline to compelling.

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