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9. Jose Reyes

From the infielding factory of the Dominican Republic, Jose Reyes debuted for the Mets at age 20 in 2003.  Two years later, he was cemented as the team's starting Shortstop.

Reyes used his speed expertly on the basepaths.  On four different occasions, Reyes would lead the Natinal League in Triples, and he would have at least 50 Stolen Bases in each year from 2005 to 2008.  The first three of those league-leading SB seasons saw Reyes finish first with phenomenal totals of 60, 64 and 78 repectively.  He wasn't known for his power, but he did have a 19 Home Run year in 2006 which would earn him a Silver Slugger.  In 2011, Reyes would win his lone Batting Title.

After that year, he was traded to the Miami Marlins.  He came back in 2016 for three final seasons as a Met.  With the team, he would have 1,534 Hits, batted .282 and had 408 Stolen Bases.
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