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19. Jimmy Butler

This entry is exceptionally tricky as Jimmy Butler only played 69 Games for the Timberwolves, and he forced a trade to get out.  That being said, the Shooting Guard put forth high numbers with a 22.0 Point per Game Average and a 23.5 PER, which are excellent statistics for his tenure there.

7. Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler is an interesting basketball player.  He is phenomenal on the court, enigmatic off of it, and when his career ends, we want to see a detailed career retrospective on Butler in the vein of Jordan's "Last Dance."  We're serious; we find him fascinating!

#19. Jimmy Butler, Miami Heat

Jimmy Butler has had a tumultuous career but after a year with Miami where he took the Heat to the Finals his stock has skyrocketed.  His Elite Period metrics also rose, but as much as he is entering this season as an upper-tier player, he still has a lot of work to do.  Notably, he is also a four-time Second Team All-Defensive Player.  Previous Rank: #26.

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