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Clubber Lang

Clubber Lang
Rocky III may have been the movie where the Italian Stallion sold his soul to the box office, but it was also the flick that gave us one of the greatest fads of the 1980’s, Mr. T. He was far from a great actor, but he looked perfect as James “Clubber” Lang; the hardened fighter from Chicago who learned to box in prison. Actually, he was portrayed as someone who Rocky couldn’t beat at all.

They never claimed in the original Rocky movie that Balboa was undefeated going into the initial match with Apollo Creed. In fact, Rocky’s record wasn’t that good, though still it was never implied that he was destroyed in a fight. As such, Clubber Lang was the first man we saw demolish our cinematic hero in the ring (It was a second round KO) and take the World Heavyweight Championship. Of course Rocky got revenge in pure cinematic fashion, but Clubber was the man we wanted to hate. Actually we hated him so much, that we couldn’t get enough of him and turned him into a “good guy”. Mr. T became the top television action star of the 80’s; and yes it was all because of Clubber Lang.

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