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43. Mark Jackson

Most people don’t even remember that the former New York Knick All Star was a Raptor, which he was, albeit for only 54 Games.

18. Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson was a former Rookie of the Year (1988) and was an All-Star in 1989 when he was the New York Knicks, and after a stint with the Los Angeles Clippers, he was traded to the Pacers where he would take over as their starting Point Guard before the 1994-95 season.

42. Mark Jackson

A very popular Wide Receiver for the Broncos during their first three Super Bowl appearances in the late 1980s, Mark Jackson was one of John Elway's "Three Amigos" receiving corps.  Jackson never had a 1,000 Yard season but had five with 700 or more.  Jackson would have 276 Receptions, but his most memorable one would be a game-tying Touchdown in the famous "Drive" against the Cleveland Browns in the AFC Championship Game that took Denver to Super Bowl XXII.  Overall, Jackson would net 276 Catches for 4,746 Yards and 24 Touchdowns.

69. Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson may very well be the Dennis Rodman of assists; and Rodman got in to the Hall being a great rebounder. At number three all time on the assist list behind Stockton and Kidd it seems like Jackson some serious consideration by now; of course his reputation as being one dimensional player does not help.  He was too slow, couldn't shoot and never won.  You would think that being able to run a team and being number three all time in anything should at least get you discussed, Then again he is only number thirteen on assists per game: behind number twelve Kevin Porter who is not getting into the Hall of Fame in any time in the near future. 
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