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Simon LeBon and John Taylor to induct Roxy Music to the Rock Hall

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced one of their inductors for the upcoming ceremony on March 29 and that will be members of Duran Duran, Simon LeBon and John Taylor who will be enshrining Roxy Music.  

Duran Duran always pushed the video medium and the artistic side of music, which was the textbook of Roxy Music.  In countless interviews the members of Duran Duran (especially LeBon and Taylor) have put Roxy Music on a pedestal and we think this is an excellent choice as a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductor.

We will certainly be watching!

45. Duran Duran

We can hear the groans with this selection already. Chances are that if you were a music lover in the 80’s you either loved this band or despised them. If you loved them, you likely had teased hair and envisioned “LeBon” as your future last name. If you hated them, you likely spent a lot of time in the smoker’s pit with a cheap ghetto blaster blaring Heavy Metal. Coincidently, the NIHOF committee had both representatives.

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