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Committee Chairman

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Randy Savages ascends to the top of the revised WWE HOF List

And it was not an easy decision.  "The Macho Man" Randy Savage passed away last year, and often when these deaths happen a renewed look at their legacies will take place.  With a perfect voting record from all of you, and the belief that Savage's ascension took place at the WWE's greatest heights, it was believed that for this year, he would be placed over Bruno Sammartino who slipped to a close number 2.

This was not the only change on the list as many moved from "Future Candidates" to the regular list.  The highest debut came from the current executive, Triple H at number 6.  It does not appear that the former multi time champion will ever return to regualar in ring duty and the time seemed right for him ti enter the list.  

With Scott Steiner leaving TNA, we decided to take the 50+ "Big Poppa Pump" and reunite with him with big brother Rick and place the Steiners at 33.  Another migration from Future to Regular was Japanese phenom, Jushin "Thunder" Liger who debuts on the list at no. 33. 

other significant changes saw the Guerrero brothers broken up with Chavo Sr. taking over at no.96.  Riki Choshu holds the 104 spot, and forgotten competitors Skandor Akbar, Jos Leduc and Angelo Mosca have been assigned the 162, 188 and 239 spots respectively.  The only other new entrant was Jerry Lynn, who announced his impending retirement, and he is just hy of the top 200 entering at no.201.

As always, we await your opinions and encourage everyone to vote and leave as many comments as they wish!

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The WWE HOF List has been revised: Randy Savage takes over at no.1

Frankly, we never really thought we would supplant Bruno Sammartino as the number 1, candidate for the WWE Hall of Fame.  However, based on votes that have came in, and a revised perspective on Randy Savage's role in the modern WWE (as opposed to Sammartino's in the 60's and 70's), it seemed appropriate to flip the two.  This may be only for a year, as this decision did not come easy, but we do feel it is the right one.

This was not the only change as many who were placed in the "Future Candidate" section have been transfered to the regular list.  The highest such entry is Triple H, who should be considered a future lock.  He enters at number 6.  With Scott Steiner's departure from TNA and with him being over 50, we have placed the Steiner Brothers on the list at number 27.  Japanese Light Heavyweight legend, Jushin "Thunder" Liger flies into the number 33 spot. 

In other news, the Guerreros were broken up, with Chavo Sr. penetrating the top 100 at 96.  Riki Choshu leaves the Future Candidates to enter at 104.  We also though we may have forgotten others from previous lists.  As such, Skandor Akbar and Jos LeDuc debut at 162 and 188.  Jerry Lynn and Angelo Mosca also make their first appearance on this list of 250 performers.   We look forward to you r thoughts and welcome your opinions!

The New NASCAR Hall of Fame Class is Announced

We have to hand it to the NASCAR Hall of Fame.  In a brief period of time, they have made their Hall matter with both a strong physical presence and a logical selection process.  Basketball could learn from that!  They have announced their latest HOF class and three of our top four selections were named to this class.  Herb Thomas (1), Buck Baker (3) and first year candidate Rusty Wallace (4) are now headed to the Hall.  They will be joined by Cotton Owens and (22) and Leonard Wood who was inducted for his work as a mechanic.  We look forward to amassing our next list and wonder how many of our top five will get in next year year!

Rush Remains Number 1 on the Rock List

For the second year in a row, the Canadian triumvirate of Rush remains number one on the Notinhalloffame Countdown of the 500 artists who we think should be considered for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

It was an easy decision really. Countless articles have lobbied for their induction, their peers have commented on their exclusion and the votes on this site make it clear that no other band could hold that spot this year. Although there is no change in the top spot, new first year eligible acts have entered the top 100.

The highest of the “rookies” is influential rap group, Public Enemy who has received the number 5 slot in their list debut. They have an excellent shot to enter the Hall in their first year of eligibility and should be the next rap group to get in. The only other group that we can think of that could beat them to it is N.W.A. who enters our list at number 16. Hip Hop is not the only genre that dominates the debuts as alternative pioneers; the Pixies and Jane’s Addiction enter at 24 and 62 respectively. In what we consider to be a bit of a wildcard entry, George Michael brings his danceable music to the 73 spot.

Other new entries include the Tragically Hip at 255, Sinead O’Connor at 272, The Goo Goo Dolls at 287, Boogie Down Productions at 299 and DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince at 348.

As always, your votes and comments matter and we ALWAYS take that into consideration when we do our yearly rankings

We welcome your thoughts!