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Committee Chairman

Committee Chairman

Kirk Buchner, "The Committee Chairman", is the owner and operator of the site.  Kirk can be contacted at [email protected] .

Football HOF Class of 2013 Announced!

The more we look at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the ore we admire it. With a season long build up that ends the day before the North American sporting world is fixed on it (the day before the Super Bowl), the Canton based institution knows how to draw maximum debates with its slow elimination process.

With that said, let’s take a look at the Class of 2013 shall we?


Jonathan Ogden (#2 on our List)

Ogden enters as a series of firsts. This is his first year on the ballot, the first man selected by the Baltimore Ravens, and the first Raven entering the Hall of Fame. An eleven time Pro-Bowl selection, the timing appears perfect as his former team is entering the Super Bowl tomorrow.


Cris Carter (#4 on our List)

Looks like the Wide Receiver drought is over! Carter (among Tim Brown and Andre Reed) seems to have been on this ballot forever, and for Carter the wait is over. Carter was our highest ranked Wide Out and if one was to be picked, we were glad it was him.


Larry Allen (#9 on our List)

Perhaps in the shadow of Ogden this year, Allen adds a second O-Line member to this year’s class. Like Ogden, he also has eleven Pro Bowl appearances and his versatility to the Cowboys was vital. We like this induction very much.


Warren Sapp (#15 on our List)

With all due respect to Warren Sapp (who is a deserving entry), we thought for sure this slot would go to Michael Strahan. We are sure we are not the only ones.


Curley Culp and Dave Robinson (Unranked on our List)

We may not have ranked Culp and Robinson, but we applaud the Hall for inducting both Senior Nominees. We have two words for them now though…..”Jerry Kramer”.


Bill Parcells

Can you believe he was a finalist four straight times without getting in? We are glad he did not take the New Orleans job as this would have pushed back his induction. The Big Tuna deserves this!

And now for those who did not make the cut…..


Michael Strahan (#3 on our List)

How the hell did this happen? If anybody seemed like a sure fire first ballot entry it is the man who sits next to Kelly Ripa every weekday morning. Still, the man who still holds the season sack record has to be considered a top contender for next year.


Will Shields (#6 on our List)

This seems temporary. Shields will be wearing that ugly blazer very soon.


Andre Reed (#9 on our List)

Buffalo loses again on a Super Bowl Weekend. We did not expect the Hall to induct two Wide Receivers this year, and that prediction rang true. Still Reed seems to be on a path of failing to get in on a perpetual role of a Finalist, and never an inductee.


Charles Haley (#11 on our List)

Five Super Bowls; No Hall of Fame. Still the momentum of Charles Haley is growing, and his induction is likely a matter of time… we hope.


Tim Brown (#20 on our List)

We don’t think Tim Brown’s recent controversial comments had anything to do with his exclusion, but like Reed, he seems to be taking on a perpetual runner up role. That may not go away any time soon.


Jerome Bettis (#21 on our List)

Not a real surprise here, as even though he was the best Running Back left not in the Hall, there were bigger names on the Offensive side of the ball ahead of him. A glut of talented Running Backs are coming up soon, and with the position seeming so replaceable in Football, his window may be a lot shorter than you would initially think.


Aeneas Williams (#23 on our List)

Again, not a real surprise with bigger defensive names ahead of him. He may have a tough road to get in.


Kevin Greene (#45 on our List)

With all due respect to Greene, we were surprised he made the Finalist cut in the first place.


Edward DeBartolo Jr.

He is one of the most successful owners not yet in the Hall. You will see his name on the ballot again.


Art Modell

I guess this is close to a win as Cleveland can get.



We congratulate this year’s class, and await their induction on August 3 of this year at the annual Hall of Fame weekend.

The 1960 Hockey HOF Class is up

Well, you have seen us grow our site with the addition of existing Hockey Hall of Fame inductees. So far, we have tackled the stars inducted up until 1959, so we move to the Class of 1960 who comprises:

Buck Boucher

Charles Adams

Frank J. Selke

Jack Walker

John Kilpatrick

Sylvio Mantha

Gang you know the drill. Check it out, and cast your votes. Look for upcoming classes soon!

Donald Driver Retires

Buried amidst the hullabaloo of Deer Antler Spray, homophobic comments and a Quarterback who essentially called himself stupid, Donald Driver has announced his retirement. The career long Green Bay Packer spent fourteen seasons in Lambeau, making three Pro Bowl teams and amassing over 10,000 receiving yards. He was a very good player and popular star in Green Bay and is second overall in games played (next to Brett Favre who he caught many of his passes from) as a Green Bay Packer.

Driver hit the 1,000 yard mark seven times and made at least one catch in 133 straight games. He was not only popular with his teammates but with fans across Wisconsin. His February 6th, press conference announcing his retirement will distribute tickets to fans free of charge. Driver spoke of his special bond with the fans, which is illustrated by his desire to have a press conference that is accessible to the fans.

We thank Donald Driver for the memories on the football field and wish him the best in his next phase of life.

Trish Stratus named to the WWE HOF

Tonight on Monday Night Raw, the third inductee of the Class of 2013 has been named. Trish Stratus, the six time WWE Women’s Champion and is arguably the best women’s wrestler in the WWE in the last fifteen years. Stratus retired a few years ago, but has remained associated with the WWE in various capacities, working their last season of Tough Enough as a trainer and appearing at Wrestlemania in a mixed tag team match with John Morrison and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi.

Stratus was our highest rated female on our list and we congratulate her for her latest accomplishment. As we mentioned with the selections of Bob Backlund and Mick Foley, Stratus will remain on our list until after Wrestlemania when we revise our list for 2013.