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Velvet Brown

Velvet Brown
The movie that first made Elizabeth Taylor a household name saw her as Velvet Brown the winner of a gelding who she intends to race on the National Steeplechase. With the help of a former jockey (Mickey Rooney) and through shear perseverance winds up racing the horse herself and winning the Steeplechase. We can’t say that Horse Racing films are our favorite in the sports genre we do think that this was a great family movie with a good message. This could be a solid sleeper candidate for the Veteran’s Category.

The Bullet Points:
Movie Appeared:
National Velvet (1944)

Elizabeth Taylor

Role Portrayed:
Horse Jockey

Why You Should Vote For Her:
This was a well respected film that legitimately launched a legend.

Why You Should Not Vote For Her:
Horse Jockeys may not belong here.

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