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Lee Sheridan

Lee Sheridan
Ah, American cockiness meets British snobbery. A Yank at Oxford is a simple fish out of water story, but it works, and here it is set on the backdrop of rowing at Oxford; which is as is steeped in tradition as Hockey is in Canada or Sumo Wrestling in Japan. The cocky American here is Lee Sheridan (Robert Taylor) and as you would expect there is a woman involved, (an eventual) successful attempt to master a new sport and respect earned at the end. Hey, there is nothing wrong with formula, especially (like here) when it is done right. Oh, and by the way it is far superior to when Rob Lowe tried it fifty years later!

The Bullet Points:
Movie Appeared:
A Yank at Oxford (1938)

Robert Taylor

Role Portrayed:
A rower at Oxford

Why You Should Vote For Him:
Rowing is an underrated sport, and there is no better nominee from this sport.

Why You Should Not Vote For Him:
Underrated, overrated or properly rated. Most people don’t care.

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