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Burleigh "Tiger" Sullivan

Burleigh Tiger Sullivan
Harold Lloyd was one of the few actors who was equally successful in silent movies as he was in “talkies”, and it was as a nerdish milkman turned Middleweight contender that he had one of his most successful roles.

In the Milky Way, Lloyd is Burleigh Sullivan who through a freak circumstance appears to have knocked out the Middleweight Champion of the World. He didn’t, as the milkman ducked, but it leads him to compete in the sport by way of crooked promoters that fixed fights to lead up to a huge payday against the champ.

You already know what happens don’t you? Grimes becomes the world champion through his own skills and everyone leaves the theatre happy!

The Bullet Points:
Movie Appeared:
The Milky Way (1936)

Harold Lloyd

Role Portrayed:

Why You Should Vote For Him:
Anyone who becomes a Champion deserves a look.

Why You Should Not Vote For Him:
He won a ton of fixed fights! There is no room in this hall for “cheaters”!

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