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Bruce Pearson

Bruce Pearson
The role that launched Robert DeNiro’s career was as a slow witted Catcher who has terminal Hodgkin’s Disease. As Bruce Pearson, he showed limited intellect, and was not a star on his team, the New York Mammoths, though his closest friend was. DeNiro was often the butt of the jokes on the team, and was the focus of our sympathies. However, when the nature of his illness is unveiled, the team rallies around their comrade, and learn to win and become better people in the process. That sounds like a simple equation, but often those are the best stories told. As it stands, any film that launched the career of one of the greatest actors ever, deserves a look for our little Hall of Fame.

The Bullet Points:
Movie Appeared:
Bang the Drum Slowly (1973)

Robert DeNiro

Position Portrayed:

Played for:
New York Mammoths

Why you should vote for him:
DeNiro was great, and it launched his career.

Why you should not vote for him:
Isn’t the Catcher usually the smartest player on the team? Seriously, something is off here.



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