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5 Rich Women from Sports and Who They Choose to Date

Famous female athletes, no matter which sports they excel at, will have legions of devoted fans. While they’ll be rooted in their performances on the soccer pitch, athletics track, tennis court, and many other locations, their followers will be less aware of their private lives. But what they get up to away from the public arena is just as important to forming their characters and personalities. For example, let’s examine five women who have made considerable wealth from sporting achievements but whose social lives reveal far more complex and interesting individuals. Some have even succumbed to the allure of digital dating, just like their fans, when it comes to finding someone compatible (and perhaps nowhere near as rich!)

Before naming names, it might be worth considering how a wealthy and famous sportsperson might even come across an ‘ordinary partner.’ These days, every rich woman seeking young men relies on the digital environment. She’ll add her details to an online matchmaking website or app that caters to a relationship dynamic known as ‘sugaring.’ In a nutshell, this equates to older females who gravitate to virile younger guys (rather than rich sportsmen their own age and income bracket, who might not necessarily be as fit or have the same stamina!) The discreet online communication channels offered by sugar dating sites make it easy for athletes and their fans to interact on a level playing field – as far from the prying lens of any paparazzi as it’s possible to get.

Missy Franklin

Since making her debut as a competitive swimmer at the 2012 London Olympics, Franklin has gone on to win five gold medals. Her husband, Hayes Johnson, is a former footballer.

Serena Williams

In 2016, Williams was the world’s highest-paid female athlete, earning close to $30 million in tennis competitions. Considered one of the sport’s best performers of all time, she is the epitome of a rich woman married to a younger guy, Alexis Ohanian, an IT guru.

Tara Lipinski 

Pennsylvania-born Lipinski’s claim to fame is she was the youngest ever figure skater to win a US Nationals competition. She has also won Olympic gold. Her husband, Todd Kapostasy, is a sports producer.

Shawn Johnson

Since showing prowess at climbing furniture as a child, Johnson has made her name as a successful gymnast, winning many accolades. Active on social media, she has been a keen YouTuber. Perhaps she dipped into digital matchmaking before meeting her husband, Andrew East, a former footballer.

Mia Hamm

Hamm is an iconic US footballer whose glittering career has included 276 performances for the national team. Like many professional athletes, her performances took her all over the world, sometimes making it difficult to meet people socially (situations where online interaction can become a lifesaver!) However, the flirty conversations were initiated, and she eventually met her second husband, Nomar Garciaparra, a younger former baseball player.

For anyone in the public eye, especially professional athletes, the key to successful relationships is looking at the wider picture. Some will focus on their immediate vicinity, getting into romantic liaisons with people they compete, train or socialize with on the sports circuits. Others will cast a wider net. If you’re a single sportsperson seeking a relationship, you might wish to look into background aspects of various sports, as this will provide wonderful conversation subjects. Go online. Check out online media for articles that crossover sport and entertainment, such as the comedian Andy Kaufman (better known for cult comedy Taxi, being inducted into Wrestling’s Hall of Fame). When sports and celebrities merge into one, there are so many interesting stories about rich women dating men. Now check out the dating pool yourself!

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