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Songs from the Greats of Rock and Roll About the Love for Mature Women

Mature women have always been popular with men of all ages. Whether a hundred years ago or today, no man can resist the charm of a lady over 40. They know how to pick the right words and make any man dedicate poems to them at one glance. In fact, that’s exactly what many rock ‘n’ roll stars have done, and it was their love for mature women that gave birth to songs like Stacy’s Mom or Hot for Teacher.

How Music Connects Lonely Hearts

Music can work miracles; everyone knows that. It heals souls and connects lonely hearts worldwide, no matter what language you speak or what color your skin is. Even just opening any dating site to find MILFs, all you have to do is specify your musical preferences, and within minutes your DM will be stuffed with mature women who share your tastes.

Finding someone who likes the same songs as you is like finding a soulmate with whom you’ll always have something in common, no matter where fate takes you. That’s why many men who want to meet mature women but don’t know how to approach them use the topic of music as an icebreaker on MILF dating sites. And it works because who doesn’t love good old smash hits?

And what about you? Do you consider yourself a fan of classic rock ‘n’ roll? Maybe you share Van Halen and The Police’s love of gorgeous older women and want to get some inspiration before you approach the MILF of your dreams? If so, here are the most famous five songs from big rock artists that celebrate the beauty of older ladies!

  • Fountains of Wayne – Stacy’s Mom

If there’s a perfect song dedicated to MILFs, it’s Stacy’s Mom. Fountains of Wayne’s mischievous ode to teenage fantasies was a success. “Stacy’s Mom” reached No. 21 on the Billboard Hot 100 (it was their first song to make the chart) and number 11 in the UK. This song gave the band Grammy nominations for Best Pop Vocal Performance and Best New Artist in 2004.

It is dedicated to gorgeous moms who drive young guys crazy with their stunning sexuality. It’s about how mature women can turn a young guy on in seconds with their small tricks. “Your mom came out with just a towel on / I could tell she liked me from the way she stared / And the way she said, you missed a spot over there.” “Stacy’s Mom” proves that MILFs have always been and always will be popular with men of all ages and all generations!

  • Simon & Garfunkel – Mrs. Robinson

The song became popular primarily because it was included on the soundtrack of the movie Absolwent with Dustin Hoffman. Mrs. Robinson is played by Anne Bancroft, a middle-aged woman who seduces young Benjamin Braddock (Hoffman). However, the song was originally to be called “Mrs. Roosevelt,” referring (probably) to Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Because of becoming the soundtrack to a movie that tells the story of a mature woman who seduces a younger man, “Mrs. Robinson” became tightly associated with this kind of relationship. For many years, it was the anthem of men who were crazy about older women.

  • Van Halen – Hot for Teacher

It is a typical fantasy of many young students worldwide that doesn’t lose relevance no matter how much time passes. There is something about educated and experienced women that makes guys fall in love with them over and over again. A gorgeous, mature teacher who drives young guys crazy. In the clip, a mature teacher in a bikini, dances on stage in front of her students, and they applaud her. “I got it bad, so bad, I’m hot for teacher,” the band sings, and we couldn’t agree more!

  • The Police – Wrapped Around Your Finger

This song can be interpreted in many different ways. If we judge from the words of Sting, who is the author of the song, it is a story from his life. It is about getting revenge on someone by turning the situation 180 degrees; it has mythological and literary references, including the monsters Scylla and Charybdis from Greek mythology and the German legend of Faust.

But the underlying meaning aside, the text is perceived quite differently. “Hypnotized by you if I should linger / Staring at the ring around your finger.” It seems as if the song is about a young guy who falls under the spell of a married, mature woman. “I’ll be wrapped around your finger,” the chorus lines keep saying, as if alluding to a powerful, cunning woman who lures young men into her net. Which interpretation do you prefer?

  • Queen – Fat Bottom Girls

The song, which later reached No. 24 on the Billboard Hot 100, was written by Queen guitarist Brian May and released in 1978. It is not hard to guess that it is dedicated to his love for mature women with big bottoms, and judging by the popularity of the song at the time, so many men worldwide could not agree more. The lyrics of the song are about a guy who goes crazy over the beauty of curvy mature women and considers them his greatest treasure; it’s about how curvy women make his world go round. 

Love for mature women is a phenomenon that has existed for decades. They fascinate men with their natural attractiveness and rich life experience, so it is not surprising that songs were and are dedicated to them. And as a true fan of classic rock ‘n’ roll, which of the songs do you like best?

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