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5 Black Lesbians Who Are Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame Worthy

Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame is filled with exceptional artists and creatives who made their mark in the music industry. Being inducted into the hall of fame is no mean feat, especially if you are black and a lesbian. The black community has seen multiple artists make their way into the hall of fame thanks to their standout talents that made them hard to ignore. Being a lesbian in today’s world comes with multiple challenges, especially heavy criticism. Many lesbians struggle with coming out of the closet, yet some have already done so. 

This article highlights a few notable black Rock’n’Roll artists who have made their mark in history.

1.   Rosetta Tharpe

Tharpe will go down in history as arguably the most musically talented black guitar-playing heroines, and rightfully so. Springing from the deep musical traditions of the Pentecostal church, Rosetta Tharpe achieved milestones that no performer in her time did. With her amazing voice, Tharpe took Pentecostal music and presented it to the world. Her amazing soprano and unrivaled guitar-playing techniques made audiences go crazy whenever she performed. Tharpe’s guitar-playing ability was a level higher than most performers in the industry. 

Tharpe is respected and loved by many, and for good reasons. Big-name artists like Elvis Presley, among others, have given testimonials on how much Tharpe was a major influence on their careers. While her success never went unnoticed, one thing few people knew was her dating life. On several occasions, she was rumored to be a black lesbian dating lover. At one point, fans even thought that she was dating another popular singer, Rosetta’s standout talents were officially acknowledged by the music industry when she officially became a Hall of Famer.

Regardless, you can still open any dating site for black lesbian dating and meet her true fans seeking someone like-minded there. The best part is that if you are a black lesbian yourself, you can open a dating site and use the topic of music and Rosetta, in particular, as an icebreaker. You’ll be surprised by how many black lesbians find her inspiring and therefore are always happy to meet someone who appreciates great music and outstanding black female heroines.

2.   Ma Rainey

Being regarded as the mother of an entire music genre is no mean feat. Rainey’s impact on the music industry has been quite extensive. Gifted with a deep beautiful voice and notable stage presence, Rainey took over the music industry by storm. She was born in the early 20th century, back when segregation was at extreme levels. 

Despite being black, Rainey seemingly drew large crowds of mixed races thanks to her standout talent. She was an inspiration to many singers, including Janis Joplin. Rainey also mentored many people who became stars, like Bessie Smith. She is a current Rock’n’Roll Hall of Famer, and rightfully so. Some of her lyrics highlight her love for women, and one can only assume that she was a lesbian.

3.   Janelle Monae

Janelle’s name might be a household name these days, but few people know what it took for her to make it in the music industry. Born to parents who wore a uniform to work day in and out, Monae has had an explosive impact on the music industry. She has released several exceptional albums and won multiple Grammy awards nominations. She’s also featured in several movies. 

One of her biggest achievements is coming out in support of the lesbian community and women. Monae advocates for equality and has, on several occasions, come out to speak up against the harassment of women, particularly in workplaces. She has gone on record to state that she is pansexual. While she might not yet be inducted into the hall of fame, the path to achieving that milestone appears to be well-lit. 

4.   Dana Owens

Widely regarded as an icon by many female artists, Dana Owens, also known as Queen Latifah, embodies grit and awesomeness. She was born in March 1970 and has worn many hats over the years. Apart from being an actor, she is also a rapper, songwriter, and TV personality.

Dana Elaine Owens’ name ought to be engrained in the hall of fame because of the influence that she’s had in the world of entertainment. Not only is Dana a great poet and songwriter, but she’s also arguably the best female entertainer. Owens has reached genres of people from all around the world. She has many different albums that have sold millions of copies. Her songs have motivated people to pursue their passions and even spread awareness of numerous different cultures worldwide. Her work is exceptional and deserves to be recognized among the few top black entertainers. 

5.   Tracy Chapman 

In 1964, an almost angelic-voiced Tracy Chapman was conceived. From an early age, she relished singing, and little did she know that music would change her entire future. Like most women on this list, Tracy had a tough upbringing that motivated her later in life decision to become a feminist. 

Chapman has been an inspiration to successful and aspiring singers alike. For years, she’s worked as an activist and gone ahead to speak and perform for countless nonprofit organizations. While there’s so much Chapman has done, one thing she’s yet to do is to talk publicly about her private life. While there have been rumors that she’s a lesbian, there’s no record of her coming out and admitting to anything. 


When it comes to sheer talent, the black community has many different top talents. Many talented and influential black artists have impacted their communities and the world. Besides Dana Owens, Sister Tharpe, and more on this list, several other lesbian female stars have been a shining light for many.

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