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27. Johnny Evers

We finally get to the third of the famed "Tinkers to Evers to Chance" with the middle component, Johnny Evers, who was considered by his peers as one of the most intelligent and also surly baseball players of the Game.  Evers would win the starting Second Baseman's job in 1903, and while he was not always known for hitting for Average near the end of the decade, he was developing an incredible batting eye, and he had his first of three .400 OBP seasons in 1908.  Evers was a vital cog of the back-to-back World Series titles in 19097 and 1908, and he batted .350 in both of those Fall Classics.  He would become the Player/Manager for Chicago in 1913, but he was fired and took the same job with the Boston Braves.  Ironically, Evers would win the National League MVP in 1914, the first year that he was not with the Chicago Cubs.  He would also win his third World Series Ring.

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