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38. Joey Gallo

If Joey Gallo is batting, one of three things will likely happen.

A Walk, a Strikeout or a Home Run.

Gallo was a First Round Pick in 2012, but it would take three years before he made it to the Rangers, and another two to be a starter.  The Rangers knew he had power, and in 2017 and 2018, he smacked at least 40 Home Runs, though in both years he batted under .210.  Gallo went to the All-Star Game in 2019, though was injured for a large part of it, only appearing in 70 Games, though he did bat .253 with 23 Home Runs.

Gallo struggled in 2020, but his defensive work was stellar, and he won his first of two straight Gold Gloves, and led the league in Total Zone Runs.  An All-Star again in 2021, Gallo had a strange year where he led the AL in Walks (111) and Strikeouts (213), batted .199, and was traded to the Yankees.

The left the team with 145 Home Runs, though his .211 Batting Average with the team is less than appealing.

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