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11. Hippo Vaughn

James “Hippo” Vaughn was a journeyman who bounced around from the minors to the majors from team to team for a few years before he found a home in Chicago in 1913.  He broke out with a 21 Win season in 1914 and had 20 Wins in 1915, and in 1917 he would have a career-high 23 Wins and an ERA of 2.01.  In '16 and '17, he was third among Pitchers in bWAR, but in 1918 he would have one of the best years that a hurler ever had as a Cub.  Vaughn would lead the National League in bWAR (8.1), bWAR for Pitchers (7.6), ERA (1.74), Wins (18), WHIP (1.006), and Strikeouts (148).  More importantly, he was the ace of a Cubs team that won the Pennant, and though he pitched well (1.00 ERA), he lost two Games, and they would lose to Boston.  Vaughn had a good 1919 and 1920 but went off of the rails in 1921 and would be released.  He would play in the minors for another 15 seasons, showing his love for the game.
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