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Another Former All Star Baseball Star Retires (Jim Edmonds)

We guess this is the season where All Stars are retiring.  Jim Edmonds, who on four occasions was a Major League All Star announced that he is calling it a career after seventeen campaigns in the bigs.  His announcement has not made a lot of people think of Cooperstown, and the odds are strong that he is a "one and done" when eligible, but is it possible that a case could made?

Jim Edmonds finished his career with 393 career Home Runs and an RBI short of 1,200.  His career OPS is a very respectable .903 and twice he finished in the top 5 in the MVP race.  He was a great fielder earning eight Gold Gloves and he has a lifetime WAR of 68.3.  Not too shabby isn't it?  Still, Edmonds played primarilly in an era where his numbers were overshadowed by others and he was never the best player on his team.  Still, an overall look at his career shows that maybe Jim Edmonds should not be a one and done candidate. 

What do you think?

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