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8. Clint Black

And here we have another graduate of the “Class of ‘89”. Clint went pretty traditional with his music throughout his career, so he was never going to have the crossover success of Garth Brooks or Shania Twain. But even without being a crossover star, Clint ended up being one of the big country stars of the 1990s. He wrote all of his own songs, played guitar on all of his tracks, 11 Grammy nominations, won 2 CMA awards, won 5 ACM awards, didn’t miss the top ten for an entire decade, and sold over 20 million albums. By the year 2000, he was ready to get out of the tough cycle of the Nashville industry, essentially ending his run at radio. But by that point, he already built up an impressive resume. Today, his songs may not have held up as much as other 90’s hit-makers but he still was able to make an important legacy with country music.

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