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Where Can You Play Sports and Be Active in Calgary?

Moving to a new area can be stressful, especially if you're used to keeping an active lifestyle.  It can be hard to figure out where to start or how to join a team, especially as an adult.

If you're here and you're ready but not sure where to go: this is how you can play sports and be active in Calgary.

Why Do Sports as an Adult? 

Some assume that sports are only for kids, but they'd be wrong.  Sports are an awesome way to get your mind and body working together as you problem-solve, work to stay agile, and try to keep your opponents on their toes.  Getting to work as a team with other athletes is incredibly rewarding, and by being on a team, you get to share every single success and downfall that happens.  Although this isn't always fun, it's better than doing it alone.


Although many may think that a gym is a solo experience: you get to connect with countless people every time you go.  This sense of camaraderie grows over time as long as you talk to other gym members and get to know people.  Look for sign-up sheets for teams or try-outs, and ask around if anyone knows about any local non-professional teams.  Although there may not be any yet, if you get enough people interested, you can start one on your own.

Sports Clubs

Sports clubs are a large part of getting to meet other athletes and sports fans!  The Calgary Sports and Social Club offers sports leagues that are not only co-ed but are open to try-outs from anyone who wants in!  They're not the only sports club in the city, which means you can ask around and figure out which one interests you the most if you can wait until you're accepted by one before you turn any others down.  Being polite and friendly will get you far here.

Some require a sign-up fee, and most require set practice hours like any other team, so make sure you have the disposable income and extra time required for this.

Community Sign-Ups

If you buy one of the many amazing Calgary homes for sale: you become part of a community.  Some neighborhoods and even streets create teams for hockey or soccer and compete against each other.  Ask around in your area, talk to your HOA or your neighbors, and figure out if they know about any local community teams.

If this is especially important to you, ask before you buy the house.  This can ensure you have the best chance possible of landing a team. 

Some employers Calgary Is Full of Options.

Calgary is one of the best places to live because everyone understands the importance of a work-life balance and gets that it's better to have fun as a team.  If you're ready to get back into motion and want to join a team to make this easier, try some of the ideas above!  You may find your next awesome friend group!

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