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#20 Overall, Antonio Brown, Free Agent, #3 Wide Receiver

Oh boy.   We have said openly on our audio shows that Brown probably would have followed Calvin Johnson into the Pro Football Hall of Fame had he retired after last year.  He didn’t, and Brown was arguably the recipient of the worst 12 months of Hall of Fame conversation despite being named to an All-Decade Team.  Should he come back, he will do so with an eight-game suspension.  Seriously, has anyone “acted” themselves out of the Hall of Fame more than Brown?  If anyone on the top portion of this list needs a comeback it is Antonio Brown!

New Section: Our Top 100 Potential Pro Football Hall of Famers

We are excited here at that we are unveiling a new section, which looks at the top active players in the big four of sports and how they are positioned at the start of each seasons in regards to Hall of Fame credentials.

We are beginning with Pro Football, and how perfect is that considering the seasons kicks off this week.  Rather than list everyone directly, we have isolated them based on their position and with the exception of Special Teams, we have created a new stat based on the last five modern players (not senior inductees) of their respective position and how the current player compares with that.

This will be updated annually, so this 100 was finalized this week. We will not be updating again until the end of the season.

The new section begins here

We here at would like to thank you all for your continued support and we hope that you enjoy this new section!

13. Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown wasn’t taken until the Sixth Round of the 2010 Draft, but the Wide Receiver from Central Michigan would become one of the best Wide Receivers of the decade.

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